Ninjasonik - When Anxiety Attacks

You're probably already all familiar with NYC's "powerfuck" group Ninja Sonik (ahaha RIGHT, I invent expressions) . If not, well JUST DO IT, they wreck everything they touch. MDMAwesome told me some time ago there was rumors about them being dead but seems like they're back at it. GOOD FOR US.

Always loved & always will love their output. I remember buying the "Tight Pants EP" record like 4 years ago without really knowing exactly who they were. It has become one of my favorites (given the fact there's a beautiful pair of female MMMELONS on the cover sure helps the cause).

Anyway here's some tracks off their most recent mixtape : When Anxiety Attacks. Don't worry, you'll find the crunk-rap-electronic sound you're all used to.
Great mixtape.

Ninjasonik - Pharmacy Ft. Members Only & Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
Ninjasonik - WeDontGiveaFuckZap!Pow!Die!Remix (Produced by: Zap! Pow! Die!)
Ninjasonik - Global Ft. Spank Rock (Produced by: Dj Hoff & Dj Teenwolf)


crunk music for everybody,

peace out


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  1. Man, I fucking love Ninjasonik. Probably one of my favorite bands.

    By the way, I downloaded the mixtape (hot shit by the way), and it confirmed what I originally thought, which is that DJ Teenwolf is no longer a permanent member.

    Still, Telli & Jah Jah kill it just the same.

    Thanks for the dope post d00d