Top of the morning ladies and gentlemen.

Starting with a pop-dubstep-hiphop song that's been getting a lot of buzz around the interweb. Plus it features one of my personnal favorites, Freddie Gibs. Can't go wrong with that. The Vision, a heavy track from Joker's debut LP, is flipped with Jessie Ware's vocals and Freddie Gibs' magic.

Jessie Ware, Joker & Freddie Gibs - The Vision

Now, the following is for the hiphop heads out there. Jon Connor from Flint, Michigan, goes H.A.M. on this beat. Big things popping for this young man. Check him out

Jon Connor - The Rappers Rapper

Next stop is a dude that goes by the name of NYOIL, from Staten Island, New York. Been out there making raw, engaged, backpacker hiphop for a long time. This track "Y'all Should All Get Lynched" really took people by surprise, especially with the video produced by DJ Slice of The Cr8Kickers. Peep it, shit is rough

NYOIL - Y'all Should All Get Lynched

see you next time,



Sleeping in

Day 7 of my insane work week. Just chillin' with a four-pack of Tecate and whatever's left of this boom. Gotta share a few smooth tracks to take the edge off.

Juelz Santana & Cam'ron- Hey Ma

I'd need summer to come back, please. Poste-haste. Good lord I hate Montreal winters. This song always reminds me of summer, so it's been getting a fair amount of play from me these days. Dipset!

Santogold- L.E.S Artistes (xxxchange remix)

xxxchange is under-appreciated, in my opinion. Dude was on fire for a minute. He started as Spank Rock's DJ, but moved on to production, and honestly, has cooked up some of my favorite remixes of the past few years.

I'm tryin' to cook up something dope for you guys. I have a few nice features lined up, hopefully you'll dig whatever I've been posting so far.

Let's get back into it, this hibernation shit is played out.




STSQ- Wherever You Might Be

Ladies and gentlemen, this is house music done right.

Wherever You Might Be by STSQ

I have yet to hear something from these guys that I dislike. Wherever You Might Be has everything you need. Smooth, sexy, groovy, deep. Whatever you're looking for, STSQ will provide.

Show some love.





What's your excuse?

Long day at work. Need to unwind. Let's get into it. Nothing too fancy in terms of writing this evening.

Killer Mike ft Sleepy Brown & Big Boi- A.D.I.D.A.S

Dungeon Family alumni unite. A classic.

Nikademus & Laberge- Secret Forest

Laberge is a fantastic producer out of Vancouver that I've been hyped on for a long time. His stuff always sounds really refreshing.

A$AP Rocky- Out of this World

VZVP 12VY- DXPX. ZVMPLX (produced by spaceghostpurrp)

The A$AP takeover has only just begun. Rocky got signed to RCA last week, and had a feature in the New York times. His new track Out Of This World is so unbelievably tight. Anyone still doubting A$AP Rocky or his crew needs to pay attention. New York has its next big hope. I'm all about this new wave of originality and creativity in rap.

The second tune, call it spacey/wavey/based or whatever, is my introduction to A$AP Twelvy, and I'm mad impressed by his chops. The fact that it is produced by the always great spaceghostpurrp is just icing on the cake. VZVP/RVDXR KLVN.

Raziek- Thong Song

Smoothness personified, brought to you by La Big Familia's Raziek.

Greg Enemy- Sophisticated Goon Shit

Smart, lyrical and dope. Not mad at this Kansas City native's steez at all. Good stuff.

What did you think of the songs? Let me know.