Sleeping in

Day 7 of my insane work week. Just chillin' with a four-pack of Tecate and whatever's left of this boom. Gotta share a few smooth tracks to take the edge off.

Juelz Santana & Cam'ron- Hey Ma

I'd need summer to come back, please. Poste-haste. Good lord I hate Montreal winters. This song always reminds me of summer, so it's been getting a fair amount of play from me these days. Dipset!

Santogold- L.E.S Artistes (xxxchange remix)

xxxchange is under-appreciated, in my opinion. Dude was on fire for a minute. He started as Spank Rock's DJ, but moved on to production, and honestly, has cooked up some of my favorite remixes of the past few years.

I'm tryin' to cook up something dope for you guys. I have a few nice features lined up, hopefully you'll dig whatever I've been posting so far.

Let's get back into it, this hibernation shit is played out.



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  1. It's good to see you're back in business!