Goin' for that lowbrow steez. Dig it. It's good for the heart.

DJ Amaze- The BigButt song

Disco D & DJ Profit- Booty Bar Anthem

A Lost People- Big Booty Bitches

Hip hop, ghettotech and epic ghetto house all coming together in a really beautiful way. Oh, and R.I.P Disco D.

Hope these love songs set the mood for tonight.

All the best,




Today's post is the musical equivalent of going to work after a night of debauchery at an afterhours club. You've gotten no sleep at all, and you're edgy as fuck. The day starts off relatively calmly, but there is a perpetual ringing in your ears, foreshadowing the clusterfuck of a day that is ahead of you. As the day goes on, you lose all grip on reality, and every little sound feels like a sledgehammer pounding you in the temples. By the end of the day, you're a steaming pile of rubble. (yeah, I really need to stop writing these things when I'm hungover)

Gold Panda- You (LOL Boys remix)

New LOL Boys remix that I snatched off of their twitter. Gold Panda has produced a lot of great material this year, and this is one of the better remixes of YOU that I've heard so far. Since we've already devoted a lot of space to LOL Boys' sound, I figure that it'd be brighter to concentrate on Gold Panda. His music is somewhat hard to describe, but lies somewhere between ambient downtempo and electronic shoegaze. Honestly, that felt sickeningly lame just writing that, so fuck these pretentious labels. I'll try my best to describe it:

Gold Panda's melodies are what lucid dreaming would sound like. Picture yourself in an opium den, floating halfway between heavy slumber and complete lucidity, and that's Gold Panda's sonic equivalent in a nutshell. However, this remix's take on it (Thanks, LOL Boys), involves two smiling heavyset Amazonian tribesmen banging on marimbas in this lucid dream. Weird and funkyyy.

(Honestly, sometimes I should stick to the three word review...)

The Yolks- Faster (Panteros666 remix)

Panteros666 also moonlights as the drummer of that terrible band The Teenagers, but don't be too quick to pass judgement. He's mondo dope, and is the newest addition to the extremely talented and versatile French crew of producers named Club Cheval. Along with Canblaster, Myd and Sam Tiba, Panteros666 has been tearing up clubs, charts and remixes for the past little while. There is a lot of hype surrounding this crew, and their notoriety is on the rise. Most of their songs are tropical bangers that cover all of the bases between electro, house, techno, and ...gabber? This is Panteros666's mindfuckingly strange and upbeat remix of a tune by Chicago garage rock band The Yolks. It's a pretty good mix of catchy melodies and borderline cacophonous tribal rhythms.

Datsik- Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore remix) [now on mediafire]

In the next few days, I will be posting an artist profile on this guy, but in the meantime, I'd like to give you a little preview of the insane talent of Munchi. The gentlemen over at Generation Bass were probably the first to put me up on him, and I've been trying to get as much of his material as possible. He's a relatively young Dominican dude living in Rotterdam, and has been called "the next Diplo". He is absolutely fearless and innovative in his sampling choices, and from I've heard so far, his creativity knows no bounds. He is one of the most talented producers making latin-influenced electronic music at the moment, in my humble opinion. As for this remix, well, it's pretty nuts. Last time I checked, Datsik produces somewhat slow dubstep beats, and moombahton involves slowing down fast club beats. To be honest, I'm not sure what the fuck happened in transit, but the end product is unbelievable. Munchi for prez.

I need some sleep.

Buenas noches, people.


in the red

It's my birthday today. Therefore, to celebrate, I'd like to share some songs that I've always bumped the shit out of. I'll try to be more up-to-date in the future.

I appreciate y'all a whole lot. Thanks for your support.

Curtis Vodka- Saturday Morning

Clipse ft Vybz Kartel- Double Down

Youngbloodz ft Big Boi- 85

Royksopp- What Else is There (Thin White Duke remix)

Jaylib ft Frank-N-Dank- McNasty Filth

("The Suburbs" came out a few days ago. Support great music)

Be Easy.

- Matt


You missed a spot

Deux vieilles tounes, une assez récente. Just one of those mornings.

Tyte Wurk- Mary Jane

For the most part, songs about weed are entertaining as hell. This fairly old one, from Alabama rappers Tyte Wurk, is no exception. Mix in an awesomely soulful beat that crawls at a snail's pace, and hilarious punchlines, and you've got a recipe for a great song. Curtis Vodka also flipped this song into a laid-back baltimore club tune a few years ago, if you're interested. Ooooooooh, pass the shit

Sad Mafioso- The Lamb

Sad Mafioso is a Montreal techno/electro-tech producer signed to Vitalic's label Citizen Records. His tunes have gotten support from John Dahlback. He's been putting in work for quite some time, producing a large amount of deep, atmospheric tunes, but is rather unknown in a lot of circles. Either way, I rather enjoy this tune, and hope you do too.

Chromeo- Don't Turn the Lights On

Montreal's kings of funk do it again. P-Thugg and Dave1 must have made a deal with the devil on some Robert Johnson shit, because every single thing they touch turns to gold. Their sound is such a perfect jumble of soul, blues, funk, disco and what-have-you, and their popularity is continuing to grow by the second. This is one of their newer songs, that I'd only heard very recently (late pass!), and I must say, they haven't lost their touch. (I think my friends tried to buy weed off of them a few years ago. That didn't go so well.)

I've also included their new video for Don't Turn the Lights On, which I'm rather fond of. These dudes are the maestros of suave, and this hilarious video is a great complement to the song. Again, this is baby makin' music at its finest. (Although those floating eyes are kind of a buzzkill, I'll admit.)




Canadian Club Crunchers vol 2

Please accept our vaguely sincere apologies for the lack of posting over the weekend. Cal's housewarming party was a bit heavy on the good stuff, so I've spent the past few days regaining my senses. Ugh. Well, here's the second installment of my weekly Canadian Club Crunchers series. As always, if you have any suggestions of Canadian artists that you think should be included in this segment, don't hesitate to hit us up at the usual address.

Sean Roman (Toronto)

This producer does not have an enormous repertoire; in fact, there are only about 4 or 5 of his songs on the internet. However, as I really enjoyed "Phone Call", a tune of his we've blogged about in the past, I was curious to find out more about him. It turns out Sean Roman is actually quite known in the Canadian music scene, under a different alias. While his recent stuff is more in the haunting dance/disco vein, Sean Roman's background is actually in Drum N Bass, where he is known as Mutt.

I'm not the biggest fan of dnb, but I can definitely see how his background influences his newer disco house-ish stuff. I've always thought that Sean Roman's music had a very haunting vibe to it, and after listening to his material as Mutt, I can see where the two intersect. His newer stuff is proper minimalist disco-house that builds a terrifyingly sexy groove with very few samples. Less is more is an adage that definitely applies to Sean Roman's material, and if he continues releasing these memorable tunes, then he will definitely be a name to watch in the years to come. It's kind of interesting how some dnb producers make amazingly groovy tunes when they switch over to house.(DJ Zinc is the one that immediately comes to mind, but I'm sure there are plenty of others)

Sean Roman- What to do

Sean Roman- Lick

His Blog (as Mutt)

Zeds Dead (Toronto)

To be quite honest, I'm a very recent convert to these dudes' music. I can't say that I've been following them for some time, as their remix work has mainly gone unnoticed by me for a while. Perhaps it is due to the wobbly dubstep that they push, a genre of music I find overdone and oversaturated with shit, but I must concede: I've been missing out on some talented producers. Strangely, even though Zeds Dead's music does contain a massive amount of wobbling and chunky basslines, I admire how layered they make their remixes sound.

These guys are masters of atmospheric backdrops and eerie buildups, and every single remix that I've heard so far piles on the ghastly sounding synths to great effect. I dig the fact that producers are realizing the limitations of dubstep, and are being open-minded in their sampling/influences. These two tunes seem like they could be the bastard children of Burial & Skream, mixed in with "traditional" wobble-step as to not piss off the purists. Color me surprised, but this shit is actually pretty dope.

The Moody Blues- White Satin (Zeds Dead remix)

Radiohead- Pyramid Song (Zeds Dead Illuminati remix)


Mad Kids (Montreal)

Mad Kids are two producers/djs from Montreal, and have made a few appearances on Avenge The Virgins already. I can only rehash what I've already said, but these dudes are rising stars in the tech-house scene. Their brand of percussion-focused ethno house has garnered such acclaimed admirers as Brodinski, Camel, Mowgli, Teki Latex and more. Every single release that these guys put out seems to be a pretty big hit, deservedly. These guys have put in quite a bit of work as DJs around Montreal, and it is nice to see it pay off for them.

Mad Kids are mostly known for their hard-hitting tribal rhythms and their high-energy DJ sets, as well as being purveyors of some damn fine tech house. If you want to know what tunes are taking the house world by storm, go see these guys the next time they pass through your town, and prepare to be impressed. Montreal's young guns are taking the world by storm, baby.

Mad Kids- Bolo Bomba

Lorcan Mak- Crack Shack (Mad Kids remix)


Take it easy, everyone.



Encore + Fort

Been a long time since my last post. I was held up with all this new apartment stuff going on, but its over and shit will hit the fan for the next months. Ill try to produce more beats and post way more hiphop and some of my other bananas. I promise.

ANYWAY, lets start the show. MDMAwsome's post on Thizz Music got me diggin back in my stash to find some Mac Dre head bangin' track. Mission was a total sucess, back in 2008 a Mac Dre (R.I.P) and Andre Nickatina (remember Ayo for Yayo) collabo album named "A Tale of 2 Andres" came out. If you haven't heard this album yet well run to your nearest interweb machine and go crazy on it. Shit is tight. You can tell the track is going to be good when Mac Dre starts his verse with :
"Now, before I start rapping, I must warn ya'
I just washed down 2 mushrooms with some orange juice,
I was thizzin when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray, it's just one of the many dumb flows of dre"
As for Smoov E featured on the track, I can't really put a word to describe how he fucking destroys the beat. His flow is "like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah."
Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina - Hot Jalapenos

2nd one is off the new Slum Village's album "Villa Manifesto". I listened to the album and to be honest with you, coming from me, a big dilla\slum village fan, I was quite disappointed... I'm not that up to date with the Elzhi beef and shit but from what I heard they removed all the verses he did for the album, which is fucking stupid. Slum Village had a good run but with Dilla and Elzhi out of the story, its not the same thing. Anyway this beat is still very good, pretty much my favorite of the whole album. It also features one of my favorite duo; Little Brother. Chill beat.
Slum Village - Where Do We Go From Here Ft. Littler Brother

3rd and last one is a bit off date since its a collabo that was made to bash about the Bush government and the beginning of the war in Irak. BUUUUUT when you have KRS-One, Mobb Deep, Everlast, Mack 10, B-Real of Cypress Hill, and I might forget 1 or 2, rappin on the beat, it cant really go bad. I don't have to introduce any of these guys, just seeing all those names should give you the urge to listen to this track.
Krs-One, Mobb Deep, Mack 10, Everlast, B-Real from Cypress Hill - Dear Mr. President

see you next time