visual distortion

Altered consciousnesses reigned last night. I saw the fabric of the universe, man. Here is a soundtrack to go along with your own little jaunts into psychedelia. Not going to write any descriptions. Just open your minds.

Matthew Herbert- Leipzig

Open Minds!- Night song (Dub remix)

Jean Grae ft Talib Kweli- Where ya gonna run

Albin Myers- Boom

My brain aches.



Boogie Down Fridays

Can't thank Briggy enough for the mad amount of posting done recently, took some weight off my shoulders during my exams. Guess what? I'm done my first year of University and it feels righteous! Heck I'm in such a good mood that I'll drop a few tracks even though he just posted. No time for beautiful descriptions filled with eloquent metaphors though, I must watch the hockey.

Tensnake - Coma Cat

Helsinki 78-82 - Cruising

Jackpot - Brief Encounter

D.C. LaRue - DC Le Groove (Greg Wilson Edit)

Easy Going - Baby I Love You (Eli Escobar Edit)

Gui Boratto - Azzurra (Original Mix)

Read title, understand concept of songs, dance, feel happy, I'm out.

moi, encore

Friday Night Lite.

Kid Cudi ft Snoop Dogg- That Tree (Seventeen Veins remix)

For the record, I am not a Seventeen Veins groupie/whore. I just really dig their output. I mentioned this remix yesterday, and lo and behold, here it is. I've heard a bunch of remixes of this song, but none are quite on the level of this one. This song isn't supposed to be an uptempo banger, it's meant to be a slow burner of a track. Seventeen Veins take Diplo's original minimalistic beat and perform open-heart surgery on it. Without anesthetic. Spooky and unbearably dope.

Peter, Bjorn & John ft Spec Boogie- Amsterdam (Loosie remix)

Peter, Bjorn & John, the Swedish trio most famous for their whistletastic "Young Folks" single, also made this catchy tune around the same time. This remix by Brooklyn rapper Spec Boogie came out quite a while back, but after scouring my hard drive, I rediscovered this, and figured you'd enjoy it. A great mix between softer indie vocals and gruff raps that you just can't help but nod your head to.

The Team- Let's go team

Harry Potter hyphy, baby. The Bay Area and its hyphy scene produced some of the greatest and most original material back in the day. Shame it turned into that Jerking nonsense.

Funkagenda- H3lix

Harvard Bass played this months ago when we went to see him at Belmont, and its catchy little keyboard crescendo has stayed in my head since. I figured it was time to unearth this shit, just in time for summer. Simplistic electro house, sure, but it works. Check out THIS VIDEO of that night, Harvard Bass' little shuffle and big grin are evidence enough of this track's appeal.

The weather is fucking beautiful today. Terrasses, beer and sensimillia await. Go outside.




Once again, big ups to all of our readers! Actually, I'm working in an hour, and have no time to write a nifty little intro! Peace!

E-40 ft Big Boi & Big Gipp- Ham Sammiches and Coupe Devilles

A-Town meets the Bay Area. This is a rare cut that features three veteran rappers over a Dungeon Family production. The little choir vocals on the chorus complement the groovy and bouncy bassline so well. This is swagger personified, three legends spitting great verses over a beat made by my favorite rap producers. Hope you dig.

Shawty Redd ft Big Gipp- Drifter

For those who don't know who don't know who Big Gipp is, type "Goodie Mob" into google, and learn a little something. He is a member of one of the most influential Southern rap groups of all time. That shit wasn't only rap, it was practically ghetto gospel. Then again, what do I know. This particular song features amazing producer Shawty Redd handling production and rapping duties, with Big Gipp filling in for a verse. Although this song is old, it represents a certain innovation in rap, back when "Vibe Music" was killin' it. If romantic ballads were written in strip clubs, they would sound like this. (Note: Snoop Dogg loved this song so much he asked Shawty Redd to make a similar kind of beat for him to rap over. That song is called Sexual Eruption)

Seventeen Veins- Viper

We've already mentioned fantastic duo Seventeen Veins before, but they've just uploaded a few new songs to their soundcloud, and they are dope as hell. Seventeen Veins, out of our very own Montreal, are maestros of a genre they call brutal minimal. If mad scientists made house music, it would probably sound like this. So far, I'm loving everything I've heard from these guys, and they are remixing "That tree" by Kid Cudi & Snoop, so keep an eye out for that. Support local talent!

[Seventeen Veins Myspace]

the2000- Wouwo (the Stereo Youth remix)

Well, the2000 have gotten quite a bit more popular since our first post on them, deservedly. This time around, Swiss electro duo The Stereo Youth handle remixing duties, and do a brilliant job. Their remix compliments the2000's trademark ADD electro sound quite well. Instead of evoking a crammed dimly lit rave, the2000's sound gets transported to the middle of the jungle instead. Any song that samples The Usual Suspects (I think that's what it is), wins me over, though.

[The Stereo Youth Myspace]

See you tomorrow.



my squad stay on point

[edit: that shit was sappy. It's all about the music, anyways. All I have to say is thank you for reading, for your support and for sending us your stuff. You guys are the best]

Tonight's post will feature a few of my favorite songs, as well as two new tracks. You get the classics, and still get to stay on the forefront of dopeness.

San Quinn ft Andre Nickatina- Ayo for Yayo

Guys, if you've never heard this song before, take the next 3:27 of your life, drop everything you're doing, and just listen. San Francisco legends San Quinn and Andre Nickatina spit the truest knowledge you've ever heard: a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of that ol' white girl.

Jedi Mind Tricks ft R.A. The Rugged Man- Uncommon Valour

R.A. The Rugged Man's verse (the second one) is often called one the greatest verses of all time. I'm not convinced, but his double time rhyming is brilliant. His father was a Vietnam veteran, so his tale probably has a very personal element to it. The intensity of the emotion he spits honestly gave me shivers. Stone cold classic.

Mogwai- Hunted by a freak

Monumental post-rock from Scotland. This is serious stargazing shit; meandering melodies, ethereal vocals and a heavy backdrop. Loved getting stoned to this stuff back in the day ahaha.

Zakolski- DOG (Original Mix)

This is a reader's submission, a mysterious "graphic artist gone bad" out of Sweden. He categorizes this song as "wobble house", but I prefer "rabid-pitbull house". The songs he sent us were quite good, you should definitely check out more of his stuff. Aggressive and propelling melodies seem to be his trademark. Woof.

Zakolski Myspace

Green Velvet ft Santiago & Bushido- Turn it up

Green Velvet is a house and techno legend who deserves much more respect and recognition than he has gotten. Santiago & Bushido collaborate with him to craft this ridiculous piece of magic. Mere words cannot describe its effect on the human body. This shit has pandemic potential.

Have a pleasant evening, you crazy motherfuckers.


got me some Jay-Z by the OZ

“Crooked officer, crooked officer
Why you wanna see me in a coffin sir
Is it against the law the way I'm flossin' sir
Benzes, Rolls Royces, and Porches, UUUUGGHH”

Yes it’s Jay-Z and no I won’t be posting some shit that’s been posted 1000 times cause you know "THIS IS HOW WE DO IT". It’s a fact, everybody knows Jay-Z and would like to be Jay-Z (I mean who wouldn’t want to be millionaire, come home at night after a hard day of ballin’ out of control and have Beyonce’s booty laying in bed?). ANYWAY loads of people remix and re-produce his tunes. Some of it is pure shit, like most of the mashups that end up on hypem’s top 10, buuuuuuttt there is some dope remixes out there.

Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement (Remix by Kno of Cunninlynguists)

1st one is from a remixed version of the black album done by Kno of the Cunninlynguists. If you don’t know the Cunninlynguists yet well get on their level, pronto. Personally, I think every single album they made was crazy and these guys have been around for years. This one has a nice violin hip hop vibe to it and is way different then the original.

Jay-Z & Coldplay - Cold Success (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Jay-Z and Coldplay ?!? Say WHAT! Yes sir. Mick Boogie released this mixtape about a year ago and coming from him you know it has some potential. This guy has been supplying our ears with quality mixtapes for a very long time. 9th wonder remixing this one. I fucking love 9th wonder. Raw track

Jay-Z & Radiohead - The Reckoner's Encore

Jay-Z + Radiohead ? I love Jay-Z and adore Radiohead but could you really mix them together? Max Tannone(the guy that recently released the Mosdub mixtape) did and it’s fucking awesome. Such a different sound, love that kind of project.

Jay-Z & J Dilla - The Ruler's Back

Last but not least, my man J Dee to the illa. I know I'm a bit of a sellout on this one since im JDilla addicted but whateeevaa. One of my favorite album of all time is Champion Sound which features Jay Dee and Madlib (combined = Jaylib). The beats featured on this album are out of this world. Some guy out there named Jimmy Green, probably an other J.D crackhead, decided to mix a bunch of J Dilla's beat with some of Jay-Z's Blueprint(very good album) acapellas. The result is chill but not crazy, I kinda prefered the original versions but hey this track is still very good.

And remember, we spit that lethal shit sonnnn ahahaha

Peace, you can always hit me up if you want any of the mixtapes featured here, cause you know im cool like that

The one that doesnt sign his name


you'd do anything for a dime

Dances With White Girls- Jiggle Dat

THUG HOUSE. It is a movement. NYC's Frog, who DJs and produces under the name Dances With White Girls, is quite the personality. He got signed by The Rapture's label Throne of Blood a few years ago, and has been steadily releasing a slew of bass-heavy hits for the past little while. His sound is like Armand Van Helden in the mid-nineties and Biggie conceiving a child on the dancefloor of a sweaty warehouse rave. Swagger, jacking beats, a deep groove, and lyrics that peel panties. Get with it.

Momma's Boy- Wedouwedou (Kid Kaio remix)

Rotterdam's Kid Kaio does not fit into (at least in my opinion), the wave of dutch house that has been sweeping dance music off its feet. That's not to say that he's not talented, I just think that his bleepy seizure-house has more potential than most of Afrojack's bastard spawn. This is a bloody monster of a track, demonstrating that beepy rave stabs can double as percussion, if you're creative enough. This remix was for Sound Pellegrino, which we've talked about often enough. The future!

Mr Oizo- Positif (Manege 88 remix)

For all of our french readers out there, this will definitely get a chuckle out of you. Manege 88, a talented young duo of electro producers out of France, turn Mr Oizo's classic on its ass. "Vous etes des enculés" literally translates as "you take it in the ass". Juvenile humour? Sure. Migraine-inducing, chopped up electro? Check. Awesome, fresh and hilarious take on an already trippy song? Fuck yeah. Continuez comme ca, Manège 88.

Le Matos- How do I let you know (feat. Coeur de Pirate)

Coeur de Pirate, for those not in the know, is an indie-folk phenomenon in Quebec (and I, the most enormous fanboy). This song, in which she teams up with Montreal producers Le Matos, is completely different from her usual output. The reaction to their remix of her song Comme Des Enfants probably led to this track, and I'm definitely not mad at it. Synth-heavy pop ballads that feature a beautiful girl with an awesome voice on the track are favorites, I must admit. Either way, hearing this francophone girl singing in english makes me weak at the knees.

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow.




Ayo, it's 'bout that time for another story. Settle down, get comfy and get ready for another tale of epic proportions with nothing less than a metric ton of music. Enjoy.

This all started sometime in 2008, I was walking from my friend's place in STL to a little chinese corner store. Naturally, I had my ipod on me and was listening to the randomness of its content. When all of a sudden:

"I love you Pumpkin."
"I love you Honey Bunny."
"All right, everybody be cool, this is a robbery!"
"Any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!"

I'm must admit I was pretty startled at first, but I hurried to pull out my ipod in order to check out what was playing. To my astonishment, it was a mixtape which I had never heard and the title fit all too well with that little intro from "Pulp Fiction." During this time of my life, I listened mostly to hip-hop and had only begun listening to electro music. However, the mix blew my mind and a walk to the corner store turned into a half hour walk around the same block (needless to say I was already crunk).

Clockwork - Cult Classic

To this day, I can remember trying to put the mix on at parties (which was incredibly hard to do since Cal and Brigden hussled the music). At the time, I was more or less familiar with these songs, but I'm sure most of you will recognize a bunch of these now. To name a few: N.A.S.A. Music, WTF, Rockerman, Aerodynamic, Bounce, Crimewave, and To Protect and Entertain. It's more than just the songs though, Clockwork's choice in remixes resembles our taste in music. By this, I mean remixes from: LA Riots, Designer Drugs, Lee Mortimer, Nadastrom, A-Trak, Crookers and LAZRTag.

So in time, I started downloading everything I could find of this guy which I knew so little about. I probably have 20 different songs from him and I must admit that I just can't hate on any of 'em. I'll post 6 which, I find, represent his style.

Clipse Ft. Slim Thug - Wamp Wamp (Clockwork Remix)

Basshunter - Now Your Gone (Clockwork Remix)

Clockwork - Houston

Fatboy Slim Vs. Groove Armada - I See You Baby (Clockwork)

Bryan Cox - Let's Go To Work (Clockwork Remix)

LexiconDon - Heart Attack (Clockwork Remix)

You might be surprised, but the tale isn't over. Not that long ago, I managed to break my ipod and lose most of my music collection. Yes I am retarded for not having all my music backed up, but I was in the process of moving it from one computer to another and procrastinated just a little too long. While trying to piece my music library back together, I realized I was missing a mixtape which I had greatly enjoyed. Annoyingly though, I just couldn't remember the name of it. I knew it was from Clockwork, but that was it. After a lot of trouble, (seriously try finding clockwork on google, even tried dj clockwork and it gave me like 2-3 different people from Europe) I finally came across a DJ Clockwork from LA. This seemed like the guy I was looking for and within no time I once again had the "Cult Classic" mixtape in my music collection. Without trying to be overly "kiss-ass" this mix probably is one of the things that created a lasting passion for electro music in me. Be it the choice of music which was relatively unknown to me at the time or the effort this guy puts into his work, Clockwork became a favorite of mine.

Around the time I found the mixtape again, I noticed he had a bunch of new things going on. First off, 2 crazy mixtapes in 2009: "Loose Cannon" & "End of an Era". Once again, the extent to which the songs on the mixes resembled my summer playlist is almost eerie.

Clockwork - Loose Cannon Mixtape

Clockwork - End of an Era Mixtape

When I checked out the Hype Machine to see if he had anything new I noticed he had done a mashup of the theme song of "The Office" with Lil Wayne's "Hustler Musik". Now I'm not one for mashups usually, but this song was #1 on Hypem and it kiiiiiiiillllllllsssssssssssss!

To not be a popularity whore, I'm only giving you this awesome movie done by a fan. If you want the song I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find it in no time.

With the recent exposure he got with Hypem, I simply couldn't wait any longer to do a decent post about him. After contacting him to give some praise and to see if I could post his stuff, I got the best answer possible:

"Thanks a lot man, i really appreciate it! Feel free to post any of my tracks or mixtapes up there. I've recorded a couple more since cult classic so if you want me to send those to you just let me know!"

I think I'll be able to get used to this blogging thing. It's a pleasure to see artists giving you as much respect as you give them. Huge thanks to Henry Steinway, aka. Clockwork. Seriously, this dude deserves all your support so be sure to check out his MySpace, Twitter, Facebook & Soundcloud. He's got an EP coming out in July so I'll keep you informed.

Until then, I got a hold of a few other songs which I'm pretty sure you won't find anywhere else. He's been working on a side-project called "Metatheory". This ain't his usual party style electro music, au contraire, it's hella mellow and for a Sunday morning I find it fantastic. Ca¦ürneum would be a perfect song in a snowboard movie in my opinion. He describes Metatheory as having more of a Thievery Corporation feel to it, see for yourself.

MF Doom - Vomitspit (Metatheory Remix)

Metatheory - Ca¦ürneum

Metatheory - Selecta

Metatheory - Six Million

Metatheory - Zanzibar

Sooo much music it'll make your ears bleed.


Avenge the Virgins would like to assure you that if in fact your ears are bleeding, this will only happen the first time.