Once again, big ups to all of our readers! Actually, I'm working in an hour, and have no time to write a nifty little intro! Peace!

E-40 ft Big Boi & Big Gipp- Ham Sammiches and Coupe Devilles

A-Town meets the Bay Area. This is a rare cut that features three veteran rappers over a Dungeon Family production. The little choir vocals on the chorus complement the groovy and bouncy bassline so well. This is swagger personified, three legends spitting great verses over a beat made by my favorite rap producers. Hope you dig.

Shawty Redd ft Big Gipp- Drifter

For those who don't know who don't know who Big Gipp is, type "Goodie Mob" into google, and learn a little something. He is a member of one of the most influential Southern rap groups of all time. That shit wasn't only rap, it was practically ghetto gospel. Then again, what do I know. This particular song features amazing producer Shawty Redd handling production and rapping duties, with Big Gipp filling in for a verse. Although this song is old, it represents a certain innovation in rap, back when "Vibe Music" was killin' it. If romantic ballads were written in strip clubs, they would sound like this. (Note: Snoop Dogg loved this song so much he asked Shawty Redd to make a similar kind of beat for him to rap over. That song is called Sexual Eruption)

Seventeen Veins- Viper

We've already mentioned fantastic duo Seventeen Veins before, but they've just uploaded a few new songs to their soundcloud, and they are dope as hell. Seventeen Veins, out of our very own Montreal, are maestros of a genre they call brutal minimal. If mad scientists made house music, it would probably sound like this. So far, I'm loving everything I've heard from these guys, and they are remixing "That tree" by Kid Cudi & Snoop, so keep an eye out for that. Support local talent!

[Seventeen Veins Myspace]

the2000- Wouwo (the Stereo Youth remix)

Well, the2000 have gotten quite a bit more popular since our first post on them, deservedly. This time around, Swiss electro duo The Stereo Youth handle remixing duties, and do a brilliant job. Their remix compliments the2000's trademark ADD electro sound quite well. Instead of evoking a crammed dimly lit rave, the2000's sound gets transported to the middle of the jungle instead. Any song that samples The Usual Suspects (I think that's what it is), wins me over, though.

[The Stereo Youth Myspace]

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  1. is it me or seventeen veins - viper is sampling christian bale ? (american psycho?!?)

  2. best blog in montreal, hands down

    the other ones only post bloghouse

  3. damn it is sampling American Psycho!

  4. First of all i'd like to say congrats on 100+ posts. Second of all id just like to say your doing a bangin job, i have yet to hear a track hear i haven't liked. I especially digged your last post. Keep it up man, your killin it. Big ups from one Canadian to another.

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