my squad stay on point

[edit: that shit was sappy. It's all about the music, anyways. All I have to say is thank you for reading, for your support and for sending us your stuff. You guys are the best]

Tonight's post will feature a few of my favorite songs, as well as two new tracks. You get the classics, and still get to stay on the forefront of dopeness.

San Quinn ft Andre Nickatina- Ayo for Yayo

Guys, if you've never heard this song before, take the next 3:27 of your life, drop everything you're doing, and just listen. San Francisco legends San Quinn and Andre Nickatina spit the truest knowledge you've ever heard: a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of that ol' white girl.

Jedi Mind Tricks ft R.A. The Rugged Man- Uncommon Valour

R.A. The Rugged Man's verse (the second one) is often called one the greatest verses of all time. I'm not convinced, but his double time rhyming is brilliant. His father was a Vietnam veteran, so his tale probably has a very personal element to it. The intensity of the emotion he spits honestly gave me shivers. Stone cold classic.

Mogwai- Hunted by a freak

Monumental post-rock from Scotland. This is serious stargazing shit; meandering melodies, ethereal vocals and a heavy backdrop. Loved getting stoned to this stuff back in the day ahaha.

Zakolski- DOG (Original Mix)

This is a reader's submission, a mysterious "graphic artist gone bad" out of Sweden. He categorizes this song as "wobble house", but I prefer "rabid-pitbull house". The songs he sent us were quite good, you should definitely check out more of his stuff. Aggressive and propelling melodies seem to be his trademark. Woof.

Zakolski Myspace

Green Velvet ft Santiago & Bushido- Turn it up

Green Velvet is a house and techno legend who deserves much more respect and recognition than he has gotten. Santiago & Bushido collaborate with him to craft this ridiculous piece of magic. Mere words cannot describe its effect on the human body. This shit has pandemic potential.

Have a pleasant evening, you crazy motherfuckers.


  1. haha bro tighten your backpack straps.

  2. sickkkkkkkkkkkk post

  3. Hahahah I knew someone would call me out on the Jedi Mind Tricks shit hahahahah. I'll post some grimy dirty south shit soon to win back my cred.

  4. hehe, the jedi mind (read RA the rugged man) is by far my favorite verse! you can't even start imagining how much time i spent learning it.

  5. can you believe its been exacly 6 years since we've listened to ayo for yayo for the 1st time ahahah

  6. I love Jedi Mindtricks. I met a group at this concert whose songs are almost like them. Check 'em out! http://www.reverbnation.com/crownholdaz

  7. where can you download ayo for yayo?

  8. or right click, open link in new tab. then change tabs to the one you just opened which should now be playing the song. after that go in file then choose "save page as". voila! note you can simplify your life by simply using left click during the first step.