Thizz Music second quarter

For those who've just joined us, I am contuining the 4 part segment known as Thizz Music. Here is the first, if you happen to have missed it. Not really going to write a whole lot about these songs, just enough to give you a really vague idea. For best results, play this loudly with a good system, preferably under the influence.

Dem HoodStarz ft Mike Marshall & E-A-Ski- How We Do

Even though it is played out as hell these days, I used to love this kind of production. This is some serious dread-shaking, go dumb shit. One of the best Hyphy anthems ever, in my opinion. I always went crazy whenever this would play.

Too Short ft Mistah F.A.B & Traxamillion- Sideshow

Too $hort, of course, has been rapping since the 1980s, and has more than earned his stripes as a rap veteran. Back when Hyphy started its resurgence, he lent a lot of cachet to the young movement, and collaborated on a lot of tracks. Besides inventing the word "biatch", he also got The Pack started off by getting them a record deal. This is one of my favorite hyphy songs from 2006, a bass heavy ode to sideshows, which is an illegal gathering of cars, where people ghostride the whip or do donuts, I suppose. Either way, a dope beat that you should download asap.

Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony- Extacy

In compiling this list, this was one of the ones that I could just not leave out. We bumped this shit often, back in the day.

Mac Dre- Get Stupid

For those not in the know, Mac Dre was the godfather of Hyphy, the Patron Saint of thizzing, and one hell of a great rapper. He never really got enough props outside of the Bay, perhaps due to his unique & wacky style. He rhymed about drugs almost constantly, but also had a lot of respect on the streets. He once went to jail for robbing a bank, and his gang, the Romper Room, was profiled on American Gangster. Mac Dre is responsible for pioneering almost all of the hyphy slang and swagger. He had a lot of lyrical talent and clever punchlines, which shone through his bizarre raps. R.I.P




We've got a bunch of shit in the works. Don't divert your gaze for a second. No clue what Bynie + Cal have in store for you, but I've got new installments of Canadian Club Crunchers, Broaden Your Horizons & Thizz Music coming up this week. Stick around and put some headphones on, cause there's gonna be bass.

Floating Points- People's Potential

All of the ATV team and a few friends hit up Montreal's Velvet Speakeasy club last Saturday to see Floating Points and the Night Trackin' boys (Phil A.D, Seb Diamond & Brendon Duvall) throw down dope sets. It was my first time at Velvet, a club that's been hyped out the ass in the past year, and on the visual front, it did not disappoint. People were good looking, the club is aesthetically gorgeous and the music was on point. Besides it being a wee expensive, it was a good night.

Disco, boogie house, r'n'b and groovy dub music were the flavours of the night, and kept everyone two-steppin' til the early morn. For those who have never heard of Floating Points, this song is a nice introduction to his vast catalogue and great talent.

DG Yola- Ain't Gon Let Up

Although this song was a big regional hit when it was released, it never really got the exposure and love it should have. I have a great weakness for steel drums and southern rap music, so this was a godsend when it came out. I've always loved DG Yola because dude seems so genuinely humble and happy to be rapping, and keeps the boasting to a minimum.

Ain't Gon Let Up is a positive, uplifting anthem that is timeless in its appeal. There are always going to be haters, and this song is a great fuck you to all of the naysayers. A dope, bouncy beat, coupled with heavy quotable verses makes this a dirty south classic. (I know I throw that word around way too often, but that's because I don't post filler. Bitches.)

LOL Boys- Counting (123 Reprise)

Oh, here's MDMAwesome posting about LOL Boys again..

A few days, LOL Boys had their first official original tune get a digital release on Palms Out Sounds records, which also features a remix by L-A nu-jungle maniacs Camo UFOs, a decidedly unique tune known as 123 (PURCHASE/STREAM HERE). It has been getting a LOT of love from such esteemed tastemakers as Sinden, Ikonica, Douster & Teki Latex, to name a few, and has even been featured on The Fader Magazine's website. LOL Boys' 123 is a gumbo of tribal guarachero, UK Funky, their signature tropical house groove, cumbia and the end credits of 80s romantic comedies set in Malibu. This is Leisure Suit Larry club music for the future.

The tune I'm posting today is an unreleased reprise of 123, called Counting. Whereas The D.O.C is sampled in the original version, this time around The Count from Sesame Street, a bunch of children, and Biggie Smalls' Ten Crack Commandments are the weapons of choice. While I prefer the original, the reprise still retains its brilliance and signature funky rhythm.

Oh, yeah, and they made a video. LOL Boys vs The Internet vs WordArt vs MS-DOS vs DDR vs Manga vs The Sims vs LSD. I'm not sure you guys are ready for this.




chill bill

I know... I posted a picture of a girl... but I thought our main page was missing some "fine art"

This one is going to feature 3 hip hop songs, each one of em has a video. Very different style from one to an other. 2 old school beats and 1 new just to keep you on track on the scene, yaknow.

Let's start it off with The Nonce. The Nonce was a west coast duo active in the late 80s / 90s. They produce very mellow lyricist tracks, the kind of stuff that people used to bump during that period of time. They were down with Aceyalone at the time he was hot on the streets, so you can expect them groovy jazzy beats.
This one is a bit more aggressive then the usual stuff from them. This is some rare shit my friends, the CD album featuring this track was produced in such a small quantity that today it sells for about 80$. The vinyl must go for a couple hundreds. Not that crazy, but still.
The Nonce - Mix Tapes

Next with an other classic old school joint coming from Stones Throw records. This one by the Lootpack ; legendary producer Madlib and emcee Wildchild. That's back when Madlib started to get on the scene, they just decided to form a group since they knew each other for years. If any of you played the O.G Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 chances are you're probably going to remember this one. It was one of the only track on the game playlist that you really wanted to hear.
The video starts with one of the usual weird skit produced by Madlib. Don't trip out, wait about 1 minute and the real shit starts. Cool simple video that fits the tune quite well. I'd rock this beat any day, any time.
Lootpack - Whenimondamic

Last one is a recent track from the upcoming album of Tek from Smif n' Wessun / Boot Camp Clik. It features General Steele, also in Boot Camp Clik and Havoc from Mobb Deep.
Nothing much to say about this one, Ive already spitted a bit of knowledge on Boot Camp Clik in a past post. They are one of my favorite group from the east coast. Slow beat, nice flow, good lyrics, "OK" video.
Tek ft. General Steele & Havoc - Death Is Forever

peace, enjoy


AtV Chart

Charts are always a ton of fun. The one above clearly demonstrates how lonely and desperate meatloaf can get... poor meatloaf.

I do enjoy a good pie chart from time to time. That is why I will attempt to make a music pie chart.

Ok, fine pie chart, whatever you say. I'll just make an ordinary chart.

1. Lazy Rich - Funkjet (Jay Robinson & SupaBeatz Remix)
2. Mikix The Cat - Key (Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team Remix)
3. The Martin Brothers - Steal Drums (Julio Bashmore Remix)
4. Julian Jeweil - Soho
5. The Count & Sinden - After Dark (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
6. Egbert - Haasten
7. Vhyce - Voivodine (Ha Ha Ho Hey)
8. Boy 8-Bit - The Crickets Score
9. Myd & Sam Tiba - Next Novel
10. Diskokaine - Hall Of Shame (King of Kong Remix)

Since I'm so very hypercritical about what songs to put up I decided to leave out all Lol Boys since MDMAwesome covered them fully. Still, I believe they deserve a mention. Toadstool is one hell of a track. So, check out the post about them over here!


House music got me all upside down

Keeping this one short since it's Sunday and going outside would definitely be a good boost in my vitamin D levels. We hit Velvet in Montreal last night for the Night Trackin' event with Floating Points, but more on that tomorrow. On with the music.

DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - Vem Rebola (Firebeatz Instrumental Remix)
These two Dutch producers bring some new life to the Dutch House scene. Without needing to blow your brains out, they bring in a solid bassline and some amazing synths that will get you dancing. (As always, respect to ELECTRO T.O for this tune)

NT89 & Sickboy - Delerium
Mind numbing electro house music, it'll make you delirious. Featured on Neoteric's Turned On Vol. 1

Swedish House Mafia Ft. Pharrell - One (Congorock Remix)
You've heard the song, Congorock gives it a well deserved heavy tropical bass line of the likes of Babylon.

Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile (Avicii Remix)
The original by Dada Life had me cracking up on the lyrics. Avicii never disappoints with heavenly house music.

Drop The Lime - Sex Sax
Hope you've seen the video posted a while back on AtV. Enjoy the 320