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This one is going to feature 3 hip hop songs, each one of em has a video. Very different style from one to an other. 2 old school beats and 1 new just to keep you on track on the scene, yaknow.

Let's start it off with The Nonce. The Nonce was a west coast duo active in the late 80s / 90s. They produce very mellow lyricist tracks, the kind of stuff that people used to bump during that period of time. They were down with Aceyalone at the time he was hot on the streets, so you can expect them groovy jazzy beats.
This one is a bit more aggressive then the usual stuff from them. This is some rare shit my friends, the CD album featuring this track was produced in such a small quantity that today it sells for about 80$. The vinyl must go for a couple hundreds. Not that crazy, but still.
The Nonce - Mix Tapes

Next with an other classic old school joint coming from Stones Throw records. This one by the Lootpack ; legendary producer Madlib and emcee Wildchild. That's back when Madlib started to get on the scene, they just decided to form a group since they knew each other for years. If any of you played the O.G Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 chances are you're probably going to remember this one. It was one of the only track on the game playlist that you really wanted to hear.
The video starts with one of the usual weird skit produced by Madlib. Don't trip out, wait about 1 minute and the real shit starts. Cool simple video that fits the tune quite well. I'd rock this beat any day, any time.
Lootpack - Whenimondamic

Last one is a recent track from the upcoming album of Tek from Smif n' Wessun / Boot Camp Clik. It features General Steele, also in Boot Camp Clik and Havoc from Mobb Deep.
Nothing much to say about this one, Ive already spitted a bit of knowledge on Boot Camp Clik in a past post. They are one of my favorite group from the east coast. Slow beat, nice flow, good lyrics, "OK" video.
Tek ft. General Steele & Havoc - Death Is Forever

peace, enjoy

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