We've got a bunch of shit in the works. Don't divert your gaze for a second. No clue what Bynie + Cal have in store for you, but I've got new installments of Canadian Club Crunchers, Broaden Your Horizons & Thizz Music coming up this week. Stick around and put some headphones on, cause there's gonna be bass.

Floating Points- People's Potential

All of the ATV team and a few friends hit up Montreal's Velvet Speakeasy club last Saturday to see Floating Points and the Night Trackin' boys (Phil A.D, Seb Diamond & Brendon Duvall) throw down dope sets. It was my first time at Velvet, a club that's been hyped out the ass in the past year, and on the visual front, it did not disappoint. People were good looking, the club is aesthetically gorgeous and the music was on point. Besides it being a wee expensive, it was a good night.

Disco, boogie house, r'n'b and groovy dub music were the flavours of the night, and kept everyone two-steppin' til the early morn. For those who have never heard of Floating Points, this song is a nice introduction to his vast catalogue and great talent.

DG Yola- Ain't Gon Let Up

Although this song was a big regional hit when it was released, it never really got the exposure and love it should have. I have a great weakness for steel drums and southern rap music, so this was a godsend when it came out. I've always loved DG Yola because dude seems so genuinely humble and happy to be rapping, and keeps the boasting to a minimum.

Ain't Gon Let Up is a positive, uplifting anthem that is timeless in its appeal. There are always going to be haters, and this song is a great fuck you to all of the naysayers. A dope, bouncy beat, coupled with heavy quotable verses makes this a dirty south classic. (I know I throw that word around way too often, but that's because I don't post filler. Bitches.)

LOL Boys- Counting (123 Reprise)

Oh, here's MDMAwesome posting about LOL Boys again..

A few days, LOL Boys had their first official original tune get a digital release on Palms Out Sounds records, which also features a remix by L-A nu-jungle maniacs Camo UFOs, a decidedly unique tune known as 123 (PURCHASE/STREAM HERE). It has been getting a LOT of love from such esteemed tastemakers as Sinden, Ikonica, Douster & Teki Latex, to name a few, and has even been featured on The Fader Magazine's website. LOL Boys' 123 is a gumbo of tribal guarachero, UK Funky, their signature tropical house groove, cumbia and the end credits of 80s romantic comedies set in Malibu. This is Leisure Suit Larry club music for the future.

The tune I'm posting today is an unreleased reprise of 123, called Counting. Whereas The D.O.C is sampled in the original version, this time around The Count from Sesame Street, a bunch of children, and Biggie Smalls' Ten Crack Commandments are the weapons of choice. While I prefer the original, the reprise still retains its brilliance and signature funky rhythm.

Oh, yeah, and they made a video. LOL Boys vs The Internet vs WordArt vs MS-DOS vs DDR vs Manga vs The Sims vs LSD. I'm not sure you guys are ready for this.



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