Bibio, fo sho

Credits goes to David MacDowell for the illustration

keepin it short,

Today's post is featuring Bibio, British music producer. He's well reputed for his experimental/lounge vibe. Cool music, I love to play the album(The Apple and The Truth) when I need to relax. Definitely worth your time.
Bibio - The Apple And The Tooth
Bibio - Palm Of Your Wave (Bibio Remix)

And as a random addition here's a track off The Chronic.
Dre n' Snoop. you know the deal, great f u c k i n g song

Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg - Fuck Wit Dre Day

keep it classy



heavy wood

Greatly enjoyed Cal's video of Noisia yesterday, so I've decided to follow the trend. 

First off, here's a new clip of Roots Manuva's new song "It's on". The video is interesting in itself and that Mickey Mouse eared girl kind of disturbs me. Directed by Ben Newman and supposedly co-produced by Toddla T. This wouldn't surprise me since the song has his style.

Roots Manuva - It's On

Roots Manuva - Let The Spirit

Roots Manuva - Let The Spirit (Ross Orton & Toddla T Remix)

Roots Manuva - Let The Spirit (Hot Chip Remix)

 While we at this, check out this clip of Seanie T - Rap/War Revolution off his forthcoming album "Scribes of a Versitillian". If you're enjoying this type of music as much as I am, check out more stuff here.

To finish this up nicely, here's 77Klash's clip of "Asphalt Jungle". When Trouble & Bass come together, it has been said you can feel the bass bubbling in your stomach, groins and heart. AC Slater and Drop the Lime come together on this one and murder the bassline, actually the whole song. Add Brooklyn's own 77Klash and you got yourself an experience of pleasureful delights.

77Klash  - Asphalt Jungle

That's all for you fiends. The next few posts I'll be doing will be heading back into that electro/house/tech/dub area. Hope you'll be ready for it.



Noisia x KRS-One

Credits goes to Russ Mills for the illustration.

I'm not too sure why but this video & song have been off hypem's blogs radar so I thought I had to share this one with you. The song was produced by well known Dutch drum n' bass producer Noisia. It has a long smooth intro but it fits perfectly the video. Don't get bored too quickly, wait until the bass starts, it gets crazy. The song even features a verse from KRS-One. How the fuck did both of em end up working together, I have no idea. It sure is an interesting combination though.

The video itself is NUTS. Produced by a certain guy named Alexander Lehmann. He did this video for his Bachelor of Arts Thesis. Big up.

Noisia & Mayhem - Exodus (featuring KRS-One)




First of all, I'd like to apologize for my absence in the weekly posting schedule. I've just started a new job, so my days of jobless blogging overkill are over. This routine will take a bit of getting used to, but I will still try to post at least 2-3 times a week. This week I'll be posting another edition of Canadian Club Crunchers and the feature on OFWGKTA that I promised last week. Anyways, on to the songs.

Justin Martin & Ardalan- Mr Spock

Justin Martin, of Dirtybird Records and, of course, the Martin Brothers, is a fantastic producer out of San Francisco who produces some of the best ghetto booty house out there. Personally, I like to think of his sound as hyphy house, due to its crazy and unique sound, and his Bay Area location, but that's just me. This is a tune that's been getting a lot of love, for obvious reasons. A lot of people have sampled 'Drop it like it's hot", but few have managed to flip it into something this massive. An anthem. Also, no clue on who Ardalan is, but I must tip my hat anyways.

Felix Cartal- Skeleton (BOTNEK remix)

We actually met this Botnek guy randomly in a bar a few weeks ago, and he suggested we check out his stuff. To be honest, I liked it so much that I'll be including his stuff in the next edition of Canadian Club Crunchers. Botnek is originally from Nova Scotia, I believe, and has been living in Montreal for the past little while. His productions are of immeasurable quality, and are dope as hell. I'll give more background and details in the upcoming feature, but regardless, this is definitely quality stuff.

Aidonia & Federation Sound- Glock a Burst (Helicopter)

Philadelphia's famous soundsystem, Federation Sound, released a mixtape with dancehall titan Aidonia a year ago called Bolt Action, which featured the Jamaican deejay going buck wild over a lot of famous rap instrumentals. This was one of the few songs on the mixtape that featured an original beat, and it shreds.

Buenas Noches, my friends.



Back To Basics Pt. 5

Cal's jockin' my picture swag. Not a problem though, that burger sure looked meaty... DELICIOUS!
Let's keep that hip-hop flowing today. Time for the heavy artillery.

Jay-Z - D'Evils
Off his debut album "Reasonable Doubt" which includes other classics such as "Dead Presidents II" or "Brooklyn's Finest". It's even produced by DJ Premier, fresh.

Sigur Ros Vs. Mobb Deep - Shook (Emancipator Mash Up)
Hey look it's that track I keep asking Cal for since I lost the music on my iPod! Naturally mash ups don't often surface on the blog, but with something so legit and well put together you truly can't pass it up.

Krs-One & Buckshot Ft. Melanie Fiona And Naledge - Past Present Future
Really mellow and laidback beat, simply loving it. But then again, when you've got 9th Wonder producing the track you can rarely go wrong. This one's off "Survival Skills", Krs-One and Buckshot deliver.

Blvd. Mosse - Earthquakes From Da Garden

Borderline jazzy hip-hop vibe. Honestly don't know much about these guys except they were discovered by Trenton legend, Tony D. Definitely worth the listen. Respect Cocaine Blunts.

MathMadix - California
If Katy Perry can show some love for Cali, then these guys are fucking its brains out. In a weirdly erotic way though, whatever, you get the point. More on this crew and especially Knoc-Turn'Al shortly.

Goodnight mofos, it's stupid sunny outside and I need to go sleep.



Travis Barker x The Cool Kids

Just droppin a lil something so you can be on top of things. Travis Barker has been hanging out with a lot of rappers and emcees for the past years. Most of them were mainstream peeps like Soulja Boy (fuck soulja boy), but this time he did a collabo with The Cool Kids. Pretty interesting, take a look. It doesn't sound like a recorded drum so don't expect it to be a live performance. He probably produced the drums/bassline for the beat instead of just playing over like he usually does.

Travis Barker Ft. The Cool Kids - Jump Down

hasta la proxima



Laid Back Sunday #2

Hola, its a beautiful day here in Montreal and probably one of the last warm day before we get surrounded by all that snow. Anyway no time for babblin', here's the music you were waiting for.

The Grouch & Eligh - Denial
The Grouch
is a big name in the hiphop "underground" scene. He's been producing a shitload of material since the beginning of his career. Also considered as one of the main founding member of the Bay Area Living Legends Crew (Very talented crew BTW). Pretty hard to pick one particular song off all his albums and collabos but I finally decided to choose one off his most recent collabo that he did with an other Living Legends member Eligh. Good beat that definitely fits that laid back sunday state of mind.

Lil Wayne - Outstanding
Lil Wayne has been off the radar for quite some time since he's currently serving time for drugs possession. If you don't remember, he was arrested at borders with big ass bags of weed in his buses. At least it was only weed huh. Anyway, he probably has an album or mixtape already produced and ready to sell when he gets out of jail(around November). That's how the game works nowadays, you need that fake "street cred" which is getting fucking ridiculous. The song I'm sharing today was supposed to be on Tha Carter III but finally didn't because it was leaked way before the release date. People thought it was a Dre beat, but that was just rumors. Good chill-out track.

Murs - She Had A Nascar
Last beat is from a not so recent mixtape by Murs. I've always been a fan of his music. This guy has his own style and he's been doing it for years. I personally think he's finally getting the attention he deserves.
Electronic instrumental, some weird voice(Madlib style) and Murs coasts the beat perfectly.

To finish this one, just droppin an indie laid back track. Just take a seat and chill.

enjoy your Sunday.