Noisia x KRS-One

Credits goes to Russ Mills for the illustration.

I'm not too sure why but this video & song have been off hypem's blogs radar so I thought I had to share this one with you. The song was produced by well known Dutch drum n' bass producer Noisia. It has a long smooth intro but it fits perfectly the video. Don't get bored too quickly, wait until the bass starts, it gets crazy. The song even features a verse from KRS-One. How the fuck did both of em end up working together, I have no idea. It sure is an interesting combination though.

The video itself is NUTS. Produced by a certain guy named Alexander Lehmann. He did this video for his Bachelor of Arts Thesis. Big up.

Noisia & Mayhem - Exodus (featuring KRS-One)



  1. Check out KRS's new movie GhettoPhysics the shit is tight....

  2. looks good, any clue on where ill be able to find it (stream or whatever)?

  3. woa! this video is insane, i was completely mesmerized for 4m46s!

  4. Russ Mills skill's and unbelievable thanks cal and yeah the beat is fucking siiiiick