Laid Back Sunday #2

Hola, its a beautiful day here in Montreal and probably one of the last warm day before we get surrounded by all that snow. Anyway no time for babblin', here's the music you were waiting for.

The Grouch & Eligh - Denial
The Grouch
is a big name in the hiphop "underground" scene. He's been producing a shitload of material since the beginning of his career. Also considered as one of the main founding member of the Bay Area Living Legends Crew (Very talented crew BTW). Pretty hard to pick one particular song off all his albums and collabos but I finally decided to choose one off his most recent collabo that he did with an other Living Legends member Eligh. Good beat that definitely fits that laid back sunday state of mind.

Lil Wayne - Outstanding
Lil Wayne has been off the radar for quite some time since he's currently serving time for drugs possession. If you don't remember, he was arrested at borders with big ass bags of weed in his buses. At least it was only weed huh. Anyway, he probably has an album or mixtape already produced and ready to sell when he gets out of jail(around November). That's how the game works nowadays, you need that fake "street cred" which is getting fucking ridiculous. The song I'm sharing today was supposed to be on Tha Carter III but finally didn't because it was leaked way before the release date. People thought it was a Dre beat, but that was just rumors. Good chill-out track.

Murs - She Had A Nascar
Last beat is from a not so recent mixtape by Murs. I've always been a fan of his music. This guy has his own style and he's been doing it for years. I personally think he's finally getting the attention he deserves.
Electronic instrumental, some weird voice(Madlib style) and Murs coasts the beat perfectly.

To finish this one, just droppin an indie laid back track. Just take a seat and chill.

enjoy your Sunday.



  1. "That's how the game works nowadays, you need that fake "street cred" which is getting fucking ridiculous."

    Um, no.

    Thats how it was in the 90s w/ Death Row Records. I don't think that since gangsta rap basically went away it adds much street cred at all. People like 2pac came from the gutter, and their music and lifestyles reflected that, and their appeal was partially based on that. Lil Wayne et al. were born w/ silver spoons in their mouths essentially, and so prison time would likely negatively affect sales both because of perception as well as lost time that could have been used to actually record songs properly.

  2. Right, so you're trying to convince me that every week when you see some rapper getting cut for a stupid reason, for example Petey Pablo 2 weeks ago got cut in an airport for gun possession, dont tell me he forgot his gun in his backpack. All this shit is most of the time planed to get some hype or whatever.
    Don't get me wrong I know there's some out there that actually rap about their own life experience(you mentioned 2pac), but that wasn't my point. My point was that every month you hear about some famous rapper that got arrested for a stupid shit that could of easily never happened. An other example, T.I and the machinegun story, he fucking produced a reality show and did massive promo after that. Coincidence ? I don't think so.

  3. Dope. I was skeptical at first. Its fly.
    If you were to start it with drums, the breakdown with your chopping guitar chords/electronic would be more meaningful

  4. At the first comment

    That's a nice thought, but it assumes that the consumer of rap or pop music in general isn't looking for a sensational story like this one.

    The rap game is about any publicity being good publicity - there aren't any moral standards that would outright condemn any kind of criminal act perpetrated by a rapper. If he had a gun in his bus, if he had twice the amount of drugs, if he had young girls (legal, but you get it), if he went to jail for twice the amount of time or had an outrageous court hearing... the list goes on but you get the picture, it's all good for Wayne. Especially since he can easily arrange to appear on other artist's tracks here and there while he's serving time.

    Maybe they do it on purpose, maybe they don't. They can't lose once they're famous.

  5. Dope track. Thanks for the up.

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    drop me a line for artist suggestions!

  6. Just can't stop listening to Outstanding by Weezy

  7. Every track is SOLID. Thanks

  8. love the blog. keep up the good work

  9. P.s. His assistant took both charges, but they still hit him with the gun charge, which is WHY he's in jail. Do some research next time.

  10. ahaha my bad for using wikipedia on this one