Disturbing picture huh. Thats what I thought, but cant let myself not stare at that ass burger. And no, this is not Bynie posting(I'm jacking his postpicture swag).

God. Mornings can be rough sometimes. That's probably why they invented reggae, progressive house and all that smooth shit, to get you back on your feet. That's exactly what I'm doing right now, trying to get back in the zone to party once again tonight.

Got my vitamin water(restore baby) in one hand and headphones in the other, ready to fuck shit up.

UB40 - Cherry Oh Baby
Remember UB40 ? They sure don't remember me. The 80s brought us a bunch of funky music and horrible music. This band surely goes in the funky music category, actually just to drop some random stats on you, they placed more then 50 singles on UK's chart during their career, sold more then 70 millions album. That's some good money. Not going to post Red Wine since everrrryyyone knows this song. Instead I'll be posting an other one of my favorites : Cherry Oh Baby. I can easily imagine a crazy dubstep remix of this one, just saying, it could happen.

Jean Claude Ades - Vallee De Larmes ( Pleasurekraft ' Sideshow' Remix)
This track here was remixed by house producers Pleasurekraft. A quote from their website will resume this song and what it intends you to do :
"Q: Why is Pleasurekraft??
A: Because we are hedonists and when the groove captures you - all you can do is surrender with pleasure.
That's exactly what happens with this song. Wait for the 3rd minute, it sure gets groovy.

Big Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle & Roll
To finish this I'll leave you with a classic by Big Joe Turner (RIP). According to some people, Rock n' roll would of never happened without him. Don't know about that but I can assure you this song is fucking great.

I'm getting tired and dizzy doing this post. Time to bounce.

See you tomorrow with some hiphop


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