Thizz Music fourth quarter

It's finally over. Given that this is the last part of this short-lived segment, I went slightly overboard on the amount of songs posted. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

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Mac Dre ft Mac Mall & E 40- Dredio
A thizz music post would not be complete without the presence of the late Godfather of hyphy and thizz, Andre Hicks. Mac Drizzy was one of the rare figures in rap music who was both respected in the streets, and completely fuckin' goofy. His raps could go from gritty tales of selling crack on street corners, to staying in a hotel room and eating magic mushrooms with orange juice.

Young Dro- All that money
Personally, I wouldn't recommend popping beans at a strip club, but Young Dro seems to have a different opinion on the subject. Personally, I like to either go on crazy adventures with my friends or go see a DJ, but this Atlanta rapper much prefers to throw stacks of money at stripper's asses while under the influence of MDMA. Hm, don't knock it til' you've tried it, I guess.

Bavgate ft Black Mafia Family- Smoke wit me
This song's subject matter actually has nothing to do with thizzing at all, really. It just personifies that laid back attitude that the west coast is best known for, and it just sounds bloody smooth.

Jackie Chain ft Jhi Ali- Rollin
Probably the greatest song about rolling (which, for the punters, means tripping on extasy pills) ever written, in my opinion. Incredibly accurate verses (these dudes know their subject matter quite well haha) and a classic beat that samples, amazingly enough , the classic trance tune Children by Robert Miles. Jackie Chain and Jhi Ali from Paper Route Records created this southern rap classic a few years ago, and though it received a lot of press and blog attention, not nearly enough people know about this gem. It's the type of tune that can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys thizzin', not just rap aficionados. Oh, and the chorus is actually sampled from the original version of the tune posted below, if you didn't know.

Purple, yellow, green, man, I don't give a fuck, I got the whole rainbow inside a styrofoam cup.

Gucci Mane- Pills (Proper Villains remix)
Sampling the Counting Crows' Mr Jones is a gamble that totally pays off in this case. I'm a big fan of the original tune, but this remix takes it to the next level. Proper Villains turn Gucci Mane's pill popping anthem into a 4 a.m. bass heavy creeper. Hearing Adam Duritz's voice, pitched the fuck up, is actually somewhat soothing, strangely enough.

Messy Marv & Guce ft Daz Dillinger- So Hood (remix)
Bullys Wit Fullys meets the Dogg Pound gangster. So Hood is more of a gangsta tune that a hyphy anthem, but the beat was produced by E-A-SKI, who produced a shitload of hyphy tunes back in the day, so you can still hear the influence of that bouncy Yay Area sound.

BONUS (of sorts)

Well, given that the Proper Villains remix samples that Counting Crows song, I just had to check out the video again. I hadn't seen it in years, and let's just say that I rediscovered Adam Duritz's epic dances moves. It honestly looks pretty close to what Bay Area hyphy/turf dancing and going dumb looks like, so I'll throw it up here for your viewing "pleasure". You're welcome.

Oh, by the way, don't do drugs, people. They're bad for you.


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