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You know the routine. I post music that sounds great when you're geeked and thizzed up on those little bags of smiles you get at your local pharmacy. You love it/hate it. Just another day at Avenge The Virgins. Our apologies for the extreme lack of posting. Twas a really rough weekend. Let's get back into it.

For those not in the know:

First Quarter

Second Quarter

The pill is almost done.

San Quinn ft E-A Ski- Hell Yeah

San Quinn is mostly known for his raw and gritty street tales, like the infamous 'Ayo For Yayo', but when hyphy was in its prime, he couldn't help but hop on a few bangers to show his love for the Bay Area. This E-A Ski-produced tune was the epitome of hyphy production, in that its over-the-top synth makes it the perfect kind of bouncy soundtrack to go dumb to. Peter, you know what I'm talkin about.

E-40- Dumb Hyphy

Mr Forty Water is a Bay Area legend, and the originator of a ridiculous amount of stupid slang. He's also one of the most polarizing figures in rap music, because of his extremely odd flows and punchlines. However, the man who started his career as one third of The Click, a bay area gangster rap group in the late eighties, is also one hell of a rapper. He has earned his stripes in underground hip-hop, and has also enjoyed a degree of mainstream success. Not only has he collaborated with an extremely large number of rappers, he also almost had the Notorious B.I.G killed. You read that right. To quote E-40, "I used to sell tapes out of my truck and slang 'caine/Respected in the streets before the fame/Ain't nothing lame or goofy about my game". The Bay Area doesn't mess around.

Boyz N Da Hood- Bite Down

Pop a bean, bite down.

Gosh, Gorilla Zoe, how poetic. I couldn't have put it better myself. This was the best tune on that album, in my opinion, a gruff ode to ze drugs. If you've ever found yourself grinding your teeth when geeked up, you now have a new expression to teach all of your friends.

The Pack- Robocop

Young L beats = Fruity loops from the future. The original based boys made some of the weirdest Bay Area rap back in Hyphy's heyday. Dudes were in outer space, just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

See you tomorrow.

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