The third member of ATV, Calibar, is back from a long roadtrip in Europe. We've done our best to fill you up with all sorts of great hip-hop while he was gone, but you can now expect a lot more of that now that he's back. Today's post is just a a little exercise in keeping you up-to-date with what's going on in the wonderful world of music.

Friendly Fires ft Azari & III- Stay Here

Now this was a combination that took me by surprise. Friendly Fires are, of course, huge, but this collaboration with Toronto house group Azari & III (who, coincidentally, are in the next edition of Canadian Club Crunchers) is amazing. Stay Here is an uplifting track that combines everything I like about both groups. Friendly Fires always create the most catchy and memorable pop melodies, and Azari & III's vocals and groove are haunting. This amalgamation of styles and vibes creates a great tune that I'm sure to bump quite a bit in the months to come. This is off of Friendly Fires' mix for Bugged Out:Suck My Deck, by the way, which is coming soon. Can't wait to hear that.

Lorenzo Vector- Turn it Up (Canblaster remix- Skeet Skeet MEGA edit)

"One of my fav producers at the moment canblaster did a really fun remix of this turn it up tune but the drop kinda confused people. so i just made it crazy and it goes over better"

Club Cheval's brightest star + Skeet Skeet = You really can't go wrong. Shrill screams and breaking glass never sounded so pleasant. Music to my ears.

Sick Jargon- LSR (Dub)

Bynie put me up on this producer recently, and I've become a frequent visitor to his soundcloud. This was a free download on his page, so I figured I'd put it up in this space to fill up our quota of bizarre house music for the week. This dub of LSR gallops on at a nice pace, and there are enough off-kilter samples, muted horns and techy madness to keep you satisfied.

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