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Yesterday was a good day. We partied our asses off as usual, randomly met and got drunk with Bloc Party's bus driver which was quite funny.

Today's post is going to feature hip hop songs and the samples used by each producers. Some times you find a beat so sick that you wonder what was the original track used to create this master "piece".

1st track by Talib Kweli. This is an old track off the Eardrum cd. First time I saw Talib Kweli live he started the show with this song and it was damn good. The bass was hitting so hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack. The sample used here is from an old mellow funk/soul song. Good beat to relax
Talib Kweli - Listen
Fred Williams & The Jewels Band - Tell Her

CunninLynguists have been one of my favorite hip hop act for quite some time. This beat called Hellfire samples a weird demoniac song by Arthur Brown. Ryan "Kno" Wisler really did a great job on the beat. Take a look at the video, his dance moves are too good.
CunninLynguists - Hellfire
Arthur Brown - Fire

Last one by Camp Lo is a classic track. O.G video. Good hip hop vibe.
Camp Lo - Luchini AKA This Is It
Dynasty - Adventures In The Land Of Music

Have fun

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