Toddla T

Well showing up late as hell to Piknic Electronik was more than worth it. I arrived at 8 o'clock on the dot, right on time for this young DJ from Great Britain: Toddla T

Big Boi - Shutterbug (Jack Beats Remix)
Not long after exiting the Metro, I arrived at the main stage and to my surprise this song was playing. Came across it a little while back and hadn't seen a release date for it. Don't pass this up, it'll most likely be my autumn anthem!

Vato Gonzalez - Badman Riddim
So this song right here, huge. Dutch banger with an original way of sampling Pharoahe Monch's "Simon Says". Dropped it in the heat of the set and it destroyed the dancefloor.

Rusko - How Lo Can U Gizzo
Dubstep remix of Ludacris' hit song by the Don of wobbly bass and hard beats.

Ludacris - How Low (Yoseph Remix)
I'm pretty sure this is the reason I threw my back out during the show. Seriously, just how low can you go? If I'm not mistaken Toddla T played one of these 2 remixes, just not sure which...

This is probably half way through his set or something. His was creating a fabulous vibe all throughout. Unsure of the first song, but he moves into a remix of Congorock's "Babylon". Big ups to Gareth for this clip!

Toddla T - Shake Ya Body Naked, Shake It (DJ Sega Philly Club remix)
I'm pretty sure the previous songs were part of his set that night. This one however, was probably not part of it. Still, fits the ambiance of the set and is a mash up of a Toddla T song, enjoy!

Eazy E - Boyz N The Hood (Squincy Jones 16Bit Edit)
Simply incredible. Like for the song above, it fits the mood.

Toddla T knows how to throw a good party, regardless the mix of styles he decides the include in his set. Dubstep-reggae riddims throughout and finished with a bang by playing Duck Sauce's summer hit "Barbra Streisand" into Fake Blood's "Fix Your Accent". Beautiful? I believe so.
Even went on stage with 2 friends after to meet him. Always a pleasure to find a DJ who seems stoked to talk with fans. Sadly, he missed one hell of a house party after the show.



  1. house party? try ER party!

  2. Toddla is excellent, I saw him at Rockness last year, was immense.

  3. How low can you Gizzo ISN'T Ludacris!

    It's a sample of Bring Tha Noise by Anthrax & Public Enemy!

    ...I played Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 as a kid ;]