raw bacon

good old hip hop from some guys of the Slum Village family

Elzhi - Yeah (feat. Phat Kat)

This one is off Elzhi's album The Preface, very nice sampled instrumental featuring Phat Kat. Phat Kat has a super raw flow on that kind of beats, he spits non-stop fire without almost breathing. Elzhi brings a more chill vibe to it. If you dig J Dilla and old school slum village stuff you need to check out this album. Its different but good.

Phat Kat -Cold Steel (feat. Elzhi) (Produced by J Dilla)

Now one track off Phat Kat's album "Carte Blanche" this time featuring Elzhi. The beat was done by J Dilla and fuck it hits hard. Aggressive flow.

Phat Kat & Guilty Simpson - Nightmare (Dorian Concept Remix)

j dilla's beats for yo mama

enjoy the weekend


Tanqueray & Chronic

I'm not too sure how you'll all react to this music, but I know you can't hate on a classic from Snoop Dogg (especially with my more than average Paint skills)!

Snoop Dogg - Gin N' Juice

A while back some friends came across a remix of this song. I must warn you, this is probably not your typical remix. Simple piano, relaxing waves and a narrating voice which could only be bested by Morgan Freeman. I just adore this song, it's funny and emotional at the same time. I recently had an urge of listening to it, but I had lost it along with my iPod. So I used my google searching skills, found it pretty fast and I guess that's the reason I'm sharing it with you today.

Gin N' Juice (Acapella Remix)

While I'm at it, I might as well throw in another remix. Once again, I can't blame any of you for hating, but I like it! This time, The Gourds give the song an American Country style remake. Banjo and Texan accent make this song unbelievable (just wait till the solo). who would've expected it...

The Gourds - Gin and Juice


cram it all in

Hey folks, sorry about the severe lack of posting. Finals have bitten us squarely in the ass, but now that summer is officially here, we shall get back to our regular updating schedule. Avenge The Virgins is back in the game.

10 000 Volt Ghost- Pardon?

10 000 Volt Ghost is a relatively unknown producer out of San Francisco. I don't know too much about him, but the minute I heard this song, I was hooked. I was initially scared that this would be another electro banger, but "Pardon?" is actually a very diverse song; double-time handclaps, huge synths, a deep bassline and a great melody all make an appearance. Relatively simple, yet very effective. Bay Area in the house.

EPMD- Da Joint

Late nineties EPMD is still good EPMD. I love these guys, everything from the production to the flow just oozes dope.

Curtis Vodka- Love has come (Meatloaf Edit series)

A simple, soulful edit of Donald Byrd's tune by my favorite Alaskan producer, Curtis Vodka. He's been releasing loads of free edits in this vein recently, as part of the "Meatloaf Edit" series. If I could spread this shit on toast in the morning I would. Buttery smooth and groovy as hell.

High Rankin- Meow Meow


The Fugees- Fiesta-La (The Heatwave refix)

Classic tune Fugee-La vs Fiesta Riddim (Akon's "Gunshot" is probably the most well-known tune on this riddim). The Heatwave Soundsystem are the kings of dancehall edits, in my opinion. Oh-la-la-la.


This L.A duo makes some of the weirdest bass-heavy electronic music out there. Fluokids described them as "Blaqstarr meets trance", which is kind of accurate. The most bizarre array of sounds and influences all stirred into a rave-tastic tropical gumbo. Sirens, a repetitive sample that sounds like the voice of Charlie Brown's Teacher, water dropping into a bucket, rainforest bass and more. Holy fuck.