LOL Boys are releasing their first full length album on Palms Out Sounds on May 24th.

It is pretty darn swell. I'm sure you'll like it.

LOL Boys - LDR by LOL Boys


random acts of kindness

This stuff is so fresh off the presses that you can still see the fumes. A very heavy dose of pure, unfiltered swagger for all of you to enjoy.


I will NEVER get tired of this acapella (The Pack's At the Club, for those not in the know). Surreal is a producer currently residing in Delhi, India and this is an extremely refreshing and interesting take on club music. He blesses us with this mighty ode to ass-shaking. It's a wild journey, but very much worth it.


Bombé- Boongo

Brand new Bombé! Safari rave percussion and random bursts of cinematic synth sounds. Next level bass music, as is the standard with this talented Philly producer.


Grown Folk - V.V.S (Very, Very, Slightly) (Chaos In The CBD Remix) by Chaos In The CBD

Whoaaaaa. What a dope remix.

I'm off to bed. Catch you later tonight.



perpetual leisure

Me again.

Cal & Bynie are still on the West Coast, probably skating around blasted on kush ahaha. I've been entrusted to hold down the fort, and keep Avenge the Virgins at the forefront of dopeness. I think I've been succeeding so far. Anyways, I really envy my brothers, but hey, gotta work. Gotta feed the kids, you know? Hope you're digging the content, although it may be light on the underground hip-hop, once again.

I've got a few marvelous tunes for you to enjoy this evening. They should make the slow transition into summer a lot more bearable for you. By the way, 2011 is such a bloody great year for music, I'm often in awe at how blessed we are.

Steel Pulse ft Tiken Jah Fakoly- African Holocaust

England's reggae legends team up with the exiled icon from Cote D'Ivoire, Tiken Jah Fakoly, for an absolutely amazing tune about the trials and tribulations of Africa. Proper inspirational rock-steady rebel music.

Dungeon Family- Follow the Light

The Dungeon Family is one of the most underrated collectives in music. They are not only responsible for some of the most important and influential rap albums of the past 20 years, but the founders of the Dungeon Family have also been mentors for a lot of southern talent like Outkast, Goodie Mobb, Killer Mike, Bubba Sparxx, Sleepy Brown and so many more. Every time I think of the Dungeon Family, I'm reminded of an old VH1 special on Outkast where they'd recount how Rico Wade and the rest of Organized Noize would force them to run around the block while freestyling in order to master their breath control. A lot of people disrespect Southern rap as being without substance, but Dungeon Family's discography alone blows that argument out of the water.

Jacques Greene- Lay it Down (Nacho Lovers remix)

So fucking good. Jacques Greene is releasing an EP on UNO NYC next week, so XLR8R was kind enough to share this deep, rhythmically grandiose remix by Toronto's Nacho Lovers to hype up the release a bit. This remix is putting me in a great mood, and sugar-coating my anticipation of the gorgeous summer to come.

Ashanti- Fancy (Brenmar remix)

B-B-B-B-Brenmar. Epic, sexy and filled to the brim with bass, as per the usual. Brenmar for prez.

Have yourselves a great evening. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and head outside. If I wasn't working tonight I'd be on a terrasse somewhere, or just walking around the city swigging 40s. I guess I'll have to take one for the team.

Y'all owe me.


Fils de Vime

Are you in the mood for filthy techno this morning? I present Fils de Vime, a newcomer out of Metz, France. Fils de Vime used to be rapper in a group called "Epilogues", but he's devoted all of his recent time & energy to producing and DJing around Luxembourg, Germany and France, among other locales.

Fils de Vime- 888 (demo) [128kbps, sorry]

My personal fave would be 888 (demo), but the other tunes are solid as well. He has a very dark approach to minimal techno, but it works. His bio describes his sound as the audio equivalent of a Black Velvet, interestingly enough. He also has several dope podcasts on his MixCloud page, which you should really check out post-haste. Let me know what you think of this young producer in the comments!

Fils de Vime - Who the Fuck by FilsDeVime

Fils de vime - Velvet bass by FilsDeVime



Best of the Rest vol 6

Good evening, friends.

I figured it would be time to resurrect my long-dormant weekly segment once again. We've been extremely busy this past month, and our posting has often taken a hit, but now that we're speeding towards a glorious summer, we'll definitely have more time to focus on the complete redesign of the site.

For those of you unfamiliar with Best of the Rest, it's a segment where I post 5 songs that we've received in the AtV inbox. We receive tons of great tunes all of the time, and it's been a long time since we've posted any of them. Hope you enjoy the post, and don't forget to show the producers some love if you dig their stuff. Even a simple message of props and respect goes a long way, people. It's all about the love, anyways.

1. Microprophet (CAN)

Spangled Ballet- Birdie (Microprophet remix)

This is some seriously heavy stuff. This Canadian duo makes hard hitting electro with a Dancehall twist. They've been featured on Kissy Sell Out's show on BBC Radio 1, and have been remixed by many great Canadian acts, like Dooze Jackers, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Botnek, Barletta and more.


2. Ninjasonik (USA)

Ninjasonik ft The Partysquad- Moshpit

Ninjasonik need absolutely no introduction. Honestly, if you're into the dutch house scene, neither does The Partysquad. This high-octane punk/electro/rap hybrid, called Moshpit, is sure to crank any party into overdrive. This is switchblade rave music.

Ninjasonik Facebook
The Partysquad Facebook

3. Slice & Soda (FRA)

Slice & Soda- Year of the Dragon (Villa remix)

One of the dopest clothing brands around, Sixpack France, is starting up a new record label, and "Year of the Dragon" is their first release. Slice & Soda is a collaboration between mighty producer Para One and San Serac, and the EP features 2 original songs and remixes from Villa, Jackson & L-Vis 1990. Here's the funky Villa remix for you guys to download.

Sixpack France website

4. Broke One (ITA)

Kry Wolf- Everybody (Broke One remix Version 2)

I've been following Italy's Broke One for a little while now, so it was nice to see this pop up in the inbox today. He's a very gifted artist who has a serious knack for producing great house music that is both relevant and nostalgic at the same time. This remix continues his winning streak, as Broke One injects a healthy dose of summery vibes into this sexy breezer of a tune. This remix is brought to you by Sounds of Sumo.


5. Arcade Discoforgia (ITA)

Freelance Whales- Hannah (Discoforgia remix)

Arcade Discoforgia is back on AtV with an interesting refix of Freelance Whales' tune Hannah. While it never really takes off properly, I dig the meandering funky 8-bit cacophony.



Sinjin Hawke- Crackle of the Flame

A brand new, tremendously dope original tune by Sinjin Hawke. For those of you with refined ears, you'll notice that this deep footwork tune samples Tevin Campbell's Shhhh (Break it down). Relax and let go.

Crackle of the Flame by Sinjin Hawke


Laid Back Dimanche

Better late than never, right?

The boys are probably enjoying some amazing weather in Cali right now. It's all good, Montreal's starting to be blessed with a little bit of sunshine as well. Here's some laid-back hip-hop for a beautiful Sunday evening. Dig it.

The Streets- Streets Score

Beanie Sigel ft Cam'ron- Wanted (On the Run)
6 Two ft Attitude- Letz Git High

The Fugees- Mona Lisa (Nappy Heads remix)
Buckshot, Special Ed & Masta Ace- Crooklyn Dodgers

See you on the flipside.