Fils de Vime

Are you in the mood for filthy techno this morning? I present Fils de Vime, a newcomer out of Metz, France. Fils de Vime used to be rapper in a group called "Epilogues", but he's devoted all of his recent time & energy to producing and DJing around Luxembourg, Germany and France, among other locales.

Fils de Vime- 888 (demo) [128kbps, sorry]

My personal fave would be 888 (demo), but the other tunes are solid as well. He has a very dark approach to minimal techno, but it works. His bio describes his sound as the audio equivalent of a Black Velvet, interestingly enough. He also has several dope podcasts on his MixCloud page, which you should really check out post-haste. Let me know what you think of this young producer in the comments!

Fils de Vime - Who the Fuck by FilsDeVime

Fils de vime - Velvet bass by FilsDeVime


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