scotch hangovers

Well, besides the fact that I have a little headache, things are good in Avenge The Virgins land. Cal, Dom & I just got back from seeing The Seventh Letter's exposition at the Yves Laroche art gallery on St-Laurent, which was supremely dope. The Seventh Letter, for those not in the know, is a crew of West Coast-based street artists/vandals/etc, which includes such names as POSE, REVOK, RETNA, REYES, NORM, and others. If you are unfamiliar with their work, step your game up. They are some of the most talented street artists in the States, in my opinion. If you're in Montreal, go check that out pronto, the exposition is there until the 15th, I believe.

Here's a little video of a mural that RETNA & EL MAC (Seventh Letter/AWR) painted, just to give you a little look into how skilled these dudes are. Smooth stuff.

Anyways, on to the music. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Pressure- Love and Affection

One of my favorite songs, regardless of genre. Smooth, positive and uplifting vibes.

Florrie- Give Me Your Love (LOL Boys remix)

Brand new LOL Boys remix, folks. This time they take on British pop newcomer Florrie's song Give Me Your Love, and warp it from a sensual pop ditty into something dark and slitherin'(no harry potter-o). Sounds like something a serial killer would put on during a romantic supper.

Harmonium- Pour Un Instant

1970s Quebec rock. Try it out.

Wyclef Jean ft John Forte & R.O.C- Street Jeopardy

Have you ever heard the sound of a .44 at your door?

The Carnival was the first rap tape I ever got, hilariously enough.

au revoir, motherfuckers.



  1. that mural video is ILL. music is from the brothers johnson but I'm sure you know that.

    your blog is still killin it.