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Are you a Narc?

Nah? Well, I figured that while I'm on this ridiculous nostalgia tip (summer is probably to blame), I'd start a 4 part segment on my favorite songs I got geeked up to when I was a wild and reckless little shit. Not condoning drug use here, kiddies. Well, kinda. I do blog under the name MDMAwesome for a reason, haha.

Seriously though, I've left that kind of craziness behind me, but hopefully you'll enjoy these as much as I have, under the influence or not. Stay safe.

E-40 ft Keak da Sneak- Tell me when to go (Trackademics remix)

It would take me quite a bit of time to really explain the intricacies of the late Hyphy movement, so I'll skip it. To make it as simple as possible, it was started by the late, great Mac Dre, and was almost completely focused on rapping about extasy and 'going dumb', which is rather self explanatory. This was a huge hit in 2006, and for those who have never heard it, you've missed something great.

Hyphy was a really innovative and hilarious (if a bit narrow-minded) scene, and it's a shame that it self-cannibalized. This is Trackademics' remix of Tell Me When to Go, and is definitely one of the greatest rap remixes of all time, in my opinion. This shit is a thumper, son. No one has blogged about it for quite a while, so in the interests of preserving great tunes, here you go. Back into the collective consciousness, baby. [I've included the video for the original tune so you can see what he's done to the beat. And, if you've never heard of hyphy, it'll give you a little insight into the whole scene.]

The Pack- At the Club

Before Lil B The Based God blew up on the internet, he was 1/4 of Bay Area hyphy group The Pack. These dudes were sort of scarily ahead of their time, rapping about skateboards and vaguely hipsterish stuff, wearing vans and streetwear many years before it became the norm. They are most famous for their hit Vans, but this is the one that always got my head shakin' and body movin back in the day. They are even beefin with the weak-ass New Boyz, who basically jacked their entire swag from the Pack. Hyphy trumps Jerkin any day of the week. This beat goes fuckin' hard, and everyone really comes correct. Plus, that chorus...oof.

D4L- Do It Like me Baby

They got a hell of a lot of flak for the terrible Laffy Taffy, but D4L made some of the best tunes that came out of the extasy-influenced Atlanta Snap music scene. Including a rather awesome whistle backdrop and twitchy keyboard lines makes this one of the most memorable snap tunes about getting geeked up, which is a feat considering that most were instantly forgettable. Oh, and FABO. I saw a video of him recently, and let's just say that the human body cannot handle prolonged heavy abuse of MDMA. Whoa.

Unrelated BONUS beat:

Dan Curtin- Mr Bean do an E (DJ Madskillz remix)



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