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I have not been really doing my fair share on this music blog thing. Maybe being on day shift instead of night will make things a little easier. In the meantime, 3 electro tunes (haven't done much of that in the past while) for your listening pleasure. I'll eventually provide you with more music than you can possibly handle.

Art Nouveau - Miracle
Heard this song way back in January on the French duo's MySpace after noticing it had made it's way onto Sound Pellegrino's chart. See kids, charts are fun and useful for a multitude of things like music or presentations. I especially like pie charts since you can eat them when your done. Anyhow, Art Nouveau is made up of Andrea Starosse & Julien Salman. Even though their names are relatively new to the music scene, nothing about them disappoints. Their songs focuse on a few different styles of house music while keeping it simple at the same time. This formula seems to have been the most successful in the past few months.

Mystery Machine - Shake This
When this song came out as part of a Bang Gang compilation way back in 2009, it sparked the interest of quite a few people. To this day, nobody really has a clue as to who da f*ck Mystery Machine is. Apparently, they enjoy it this way. Kinda like that Gucci Vump thing, makes people paranoid and go ape shit on finding out who can hide their true identity on the internet. Don't let this bother you and just listen to the darn song.
Respect Too Many Sebastians

Djedjotronic - Bit This Thin Part 2 - Original Mix
The most recent release from Djedjotronic on Boys Noize Records. Song is cool and the Jesse Rose and Tony Senghore remixes are too, but it's the Part 2 breakdown which I enjoyed the most. Give it some time, around 1 minute in you'll see what I mean. In other news, he has a remix out of Chilly Gonzales' I am Europe. HUGE TUNE! MAD REMIX! Will share soon enough, for now i'll leave you with the clip.


  1. Art Nouveau are fucking great, man. Ever since you posted about them like 6 months ago I've been trying to follow their stuff.