long way to go

Honestly, it is way too early to do a post, but I'm helping Cal move into his new apartment today, so odds are there won't be a post after that. Given that you guys are such fiends, and that I'm obsessive with the blogging shit, I figured that now is as good a time as any to spread the love. Enjoy the tunage, this is some good stuff.

Dirty- Rollin' Vogues

Unfortunately, I could only find the censored video, but I think it can do a better job at explaining the appeal of these Alabama rappers than I possibly could. Double-time raps, and unfuckwithable swagger and lyrics. How many rappers do you know that have an alligator on a leash? Vicious, man, just plain vicious. This song is a bloody CLASSIC that more people should be aware of. Luckily, the mp3 is uncensored, so I guess you could just cue it up with the video to get the full effect.

But seriously, just watch the fucking video.

6 Two- Weed an Snortin

Most of you guys have actually heard this guy rap before, you just didn't know it. Remember that song XXXPlosive on Dr Dre's 2001? Remember that voice that you didn't recognize at the end of it? Ladies and gentlemen, that was 6 Two, a vastly underrated rapper out of Fort Worth, Texas. He collaborated with Dr Dre & Timbaland during that era, but due to legal brouhaha and record company bullshit, his album/material got shelved. This particular song was one of the first rap songs to use the "Daydreaming" sample, and in my opinion, he flipped it a lot better than Lupe. This is amazing dirty south rap, with Six Deuce waxing lyrical about the pimp game over a grimy and hazy soul sample. (Big ups to Noz at Cocaine Blunts. Respect the architects.)

Intoxicated- Burn It Down (Hatchmatik "Burn the Club Down" remix)

Sippin yak got me trippin' whippin lacs

I've probably seen Hatchmatik DJ more times than anyone else in my life, to be honest. I've seen him open for tons of people, as well as just DJing with A-Rock at Vinyl, and oh, his remixes are quite good, as well. Peer Pressure crew has definitely influenced Montreal's electronic nightlife scene to a great degree, so I might as well give some props. This remix of a dirty south hit (notice a pattern?) is a definite banger, and I can give witness to the fact that it tears a club up.

Well, this post seemed rather phoned in, but whatever. I'm surprised that I've written this much, given how tired I am.

See you on Saturday.


  1. love you mdmawesome thanks for posting so frequently!!!!

  2. ^ I second that! Also, I'm loving that 6 Two song. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy the tunes as much as I do.