Brain Damage

I guess we could say posting "pop-ish" music ain't really the general tendency of this blog. Not sure what has gotten into me, but I just had this urge to do "it". Possible brain damage might be the cause to all "this".

Shoops - Do Me, Work It ("Jerk It" Remix)
Had heard about these guys and never got around to posting. I must admit that their type of music ain't what I listen to most, but I do like their style. They've got a wonderful blend of naughty electro-pop going. Plus this duo is from Montreal, got to show some love. Rep your hood, namean?

Shoops - DTF
This could easily be a popular club song. Dance-worthy beat, catchy chorus and naaaasty lyrics!
MySpace.com you follow me?
My place, my home, you wanna leave?
My keys, my coat, you following?
Your knees, your throat, you swallowing?

Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Afrojack Remix - Audio1 Moombahton Edit)
Ode to hot spanish dudes I believe. Afrojack remix, cool. Audio1 puts this song into the awesome zone with an unbelievable moombahton edit. Coming to you live from Munchi's Summer of Moombahton. Since Matt's post I seem to have been overcome with an addiction to him.

Katy Perry - Milk Milk Lemonade (Audio1 Edit)
Probably rethink this one through once i'm not high. *Ok took some time on this one and I'll just run with it. This track most likely won't make it to her new album. Such a shame, I haven't heard this many sexual innuendos since "The Todd" from Scrubs.

Soulja Boy - Crank Dat (Cousin Cole Remix)
For me, this song was the anthem to f*cking up the dancefloor in clubs. Followed by mad hate when everyone started catching on to this. I'm glad I have a decent remix which I can still bang out sometimes without becoming incredibly aggressive.

Emynd Ft. Young Chris - We Don't Give A F*ck (Cousin Cole Remix)
I greatly respect Cousin Cole and Crossfaded Bacon. As for further writing, well, WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK!

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  1. awesome post bro. lovin the songs!!!

  2. that isis song was literally the worst piece of shit ive ever heard in the history of the fucking earth

  3. I liked the isis song, but not much as milk milk lemonade