Today is another one of those days that I'm just throwing tunes at you, for shits and giggles. I figured that a nice balance between huge text-heavy posts and shorter, more concise posts was in order. Cal gets back soon, and Bynie started doing night shifts, so you won't have to put up with my incessant rambling every single day, haha. Enjoy! (Oh, and R.I.P Aaliyah. 9 years already? Damn, time flies.)

Echoes- The Crystal Guru

Loic from Source of Cool recently put me up on this friend of his from Reims, a 19 year old producer and DJ who goes by the name of Echoes. There must be something in the water in Reims (read: Odus, Brodinski, Yuksek,etc), because there seems to be a lot of fine talent there. The tune I'm posting today is an fantastic original by Echoes, an rousing minimalist banger called The Crystal Guru. It's filled to the brim with all sorts of great percussive sounds and a bouncy groove, and a nice little vocal sample that fades in and out. Bloody hypnotic, I must say. Echoes has also been signed to Blast Records, which means that there should be a lot more great songs in store for us soon. Keep your ears/eyes peeled, people.

Echoes' Myspace
Echoes' Soundcloud

Stromae ft Boogat- Alors on Que Viva (Ghislain Poirier refix)

Although we try not to post blends or mashups, this one caught my attention. Montreal's self-proclaimed king of booty bass, Ghislain Poirier, recently concocted this effective refix of Belgian/Rwandan producer Stromae's gargantuan hit, Alors on Danse. He mashes-up (...sorry) this tune with his own collaboration with Latino-Quebecer Boogat, Que Viva, and the result is pretty decent. A late-summer sizzler, to put it simply. .

Wallstreet- Out There Somewhere (John Dahlback remix)

My appreciation for John Dahlback (and his cousin Jesper Dahlback, who has worked with Soulwax) runs quite deep. His productions all have a real feel-good vibe to them, and a huge sound. Orchestral and operatic concert-hall rave music, if you will. Or, if you want a less pretentious description, it's just damn fine house and techno made by a very talented Swedish producer. This tune should put a smile on your face and a shuffle in your step, if there's any justice in the world.


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