HAHA! Cal will not be posting hiphop today! WHAT?! Hell yeah, decided it was time for me to dig into the interweb for some more house/electro/dubstep and whatever. My collection was starting to be a bit redundant and old. You know, we always need some new basslines in our lives for us to sleep well at night. It's also good trying to stay on top of our game if you know whaaattt I meeaaan.

Afrojack - Polkadots 2010 (Oliver Twizt Remix)
Anyway, 1st track was originally produced by Afrojack, dirty dutch house god, and then remixed by Oliver Twizt. I had the chance to witness a live set by Afrojack at Mysteryland festival in Holland. Let me tell you that it was fucking packed and crunk house beats for hours. We almost died trying to get out of the tent(we were going to Dirty South's stage) since everybody was trying to get in. Afrojack passed by Montreal not too long ago and apparently he delivered once again. ANYWAY good stuff, good beat, grungy electro bass line.

Don Diablo & Example - Hooligans (Extended Dub)
Don Diablo has always been producing quality bangers and this one is not an exception. He did this beat for UK act "Example". The original kinda had cheesy house lyrics but this version only has the good stuff. Here's the extended dub, it was released last year but what ever it's still some hard shit. Bangers n' Mash my dear friends

Tim Turbo ft. Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci Banana - Hush (Iggy, Iggy)
We received this track from "Tim Turbo" in our inbox not so long ago and it kinda surprised me a bit because I had never really heard anything like that for quite a long time. It has that funky tropical electronic sound. This track got the attention of big names such as Douster & So Shifty so you know there must be something going on. Germans are known to be party people and this shit right here is a party anthem. Album coming out on October 1st, watch for it.

Weird but very original home made video clip. Fits the mood quite well

We don't post mixes that often on Avenge The Virgins. Actually there's no specific reason why we don't, it just happens like that. I guess we like to concentrate ourselves on providing fresh music to people instead of long ass useless mixes.

But this one right here is an exception to our mix-less blog ahah. It was sent to us by one of our dedicated readers. I decided to give this one a shot because it features a mix of some chill hip-hop and electronic vibes which we don't often find in the most popular mixes nowadays. Perfect mix for the long public transportation rides if you know what i mean ahah. Also categorized as "Blunt Friendly" by the DJ, Taylor Walker

Gucci Mane - Dope Boys (Bird Peterson 2010 Remix) (ripped from drankenstein)
JJ - Ecstasy
Pac Div - Waves at the Prom
Nappy Roots - Aw Naw
Animal Collective - Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix)
Cage the Elephant - No Rest for the Wicked (DJ Slink Remix)
Office Musik (Clockwork Edit) - Weezy
Mos Def / Max Tannone - In My Math (from Mos Dub)
Excision + Bassnectar - Nation
Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu
Wale - Freaks (Bird Peterson Remix)
Nosaj Thing - 1685/Bach
MF Doom - Vomitspit (Metatheory Remix)
Girl Talk - Knife (Grizzly Bear vs. Clipse)
Snoop Dogg - Gangsta Luv (Mayer Hawthorne G-Mix)
Jay-Z + Radiohead - Reckoner's Encore (Max Tannone Remix)
Kid Cudi - All Talk (Chip Tha Ripper)
Fulgeance - Low Club Anthem
Black Lips - Veni Vidi Vici (Diplo Remix)
R Kelly - Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)
DJ Shadow + Kid Koala - Third World Lover
Trey Songz - Say Aah (Twerkshop Remix)
Tupac - Do For Love (Vodka & Milk Remix)
Phoenix - Fences (Boombass Remix)
Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix)

enjoy, see ya next time


  1. you high on that nitrous oxide again?? that laughing gas you junkie. dear lord get a hold of yourself son!

  2. dude we were going to boys noize not dirty south cause that was before afrojack get your facts straight :P

  3. ahaha I hesitated a bit before posting, didn't quite remember exactly which one was before