Back To Basics Pt. 5

Cal's jockin' my picture swag. Not a problem though, that burger sure looked meaty... DELICIOUS!
Let's keep that hip-hop flowing today. Time for the heavy artillery.

Jay-Z - D'Evils
Off his debut album "Reasonable Doubt" which includes other classics such as "Dead Presidents II" or "Brooklyn's Finest". It's even produced by DJ Premier, fresh.

Sigur Ros Vs. Mobb Deep - Shook (Emancipator Mash Up)
Hey look it's that track I keep asking Cal for since I lost the music on my iPod! Naturally mash ups don't often surface on the blog, but with something so legit and well put together you truly can't pass it up.

Krs-One & Buckshot Ft. Melanie Fiona And Naledge - Past Present Future
Really mellow and laidback beat, simply loving it. But then again, when you've got 9th Wonder producing the track you can rarely go wrong. This one's off "Survival Skills", Krs-One and Buckshot deliver.

Blvd. Mosse - Earthquakes From Da Garden

Borderline jazzy hip-hop vibe. Honestly don't know much about these guys except they were discovered by Trenton legend, Tony D. Definitely worth the listen. Respect Cocaine Blunts.

MathMadix - California
If Katy Perry can show some love for Cali, then these guys are fucking its brains out. In a weirdly erotic way though, whatever, you get the point. More on this crew and especially Knoc-Turn'Al shortly.

Goodnight mofos, it's stupid sunny outside and I need to go sleep.


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