got me some Jay-Z by the OZ

“Crooked officer, crooked officer
Why you wanna see me in a coffin sir
Is it against the law the way I'm flossin' sir
Benzes, Rolls Royces, and Porches, UUUUGGHH”

Yes it’s Jay-Z and no I won’t be posting some shit that’s been posted 1000 times cause you know "THIS IS HOW WE DO IT". It’s a fact, everybody knows Jay-Z and would like to be Jay-Z (I mean who wouldn’t want to be millionaire, come home at night after a hard day of ballin’ out of control and have Beyonce’s booty laying in bed?). ANYWAY loads of people remix and re-produce his tunes. Some of it is pure shit, like most of the mashups that end up on hypem’s top 10, buuuuuuttt there is some dope remixes out there.

Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement (Remix by Kno of Cunninlynguists)

1st one is from a remixed version of the black album done by Kno of the Cunninlynguists. If you don’t know the Cunninlynguists yet well get on their level, pronto. Personally, I think every single album they made was crazy and these guys have been around for years. This one has a nice violin hip hop vibe to it and is way different then the original.

Jay-Z & Coldplay - Cold Success (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Jay-Z and Coldplay ?!? Say WHAT! Yes sir. Mick Boogie released this mixtape about a year ago and coming from him you know it has some potential. This guy has been supplying our ears with quality mixtapes for a very long time. 9th wonder remixing this one. I fucking love 9th wonder. Raw track

Jay-Z & Radiohead - The Reckoner's Encore

Jay-Z + Radiohead ? I love Jay-Z and adore Radiohead but could you really mix them together? Max Tannone(the guy that recently released the Mosdub mixtape) did and it’s fucking awesome. Such a different sound, love that kind of project.

Jay-Z & J Dilla - The Ruler's Back

Last but not least, my man J Dee to the illa. I know I'm a bit of a sellout on this one since im JDilla addicted but whateeevaa. One of my favorite album of all time is Champion Sound which features Jay Dee and Madlib (combined = Jaylib). The beats featured on this album are out of this world. Some guy out there named Jimmy Green, probably an other J.D crackhead, decided to mix a bunch of J Dilla's beat with some of Jay-Z's Blueprint(very good album) acapellas. The result is chill but not crazy, I kinda prefered the original versions but hey this track is still very good.

And remember, we spit that lethal shit sonnnn ahahaha

Peace, you can always hit me up if you want any of the mixtapes featured here, cause you know im cool like that

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    p.s. so much cap locks you'd think billy mays was back from the dead.

  2. 'Cold Success' is a cold stone classic. Thanks for the up!

  3. Kno is the shit.. Strange Journey Volume 2 is a big step up for him. This Jay-Z remix is badass.

  4. if you like jay z mixed with radiohead, you should check out jaydiohead. a whole album of it, and it's good too.

  5. actually the remix i posted is from this album ( by Max Tannone), anyway thanks for taking the time to comment