You missed a spot

Deux vieilles tounes, une assez récente. Just one of those mornings.

Tyte Wurk- Mary Jane

For the most part, songs about weed are entertaining as hell. This fairly old one, from Alabama rappers Tyte Wurk, is no exception. Mix in an awesomely soulful beat that crawls at a snail's pace, and hilarious punchlines, and you've got a recipe for a great song. Curtis Vodka also flipped this song into a laid-back baltimore club tune a few years ago, if you're interested. Ooooooooh, pass the shit

Sad Mafioso- The Lamb

Sad Mafioso is a Montreal techno/electro-tech producer signed to Vitalic's label Citizen Records. His tunes have gotten support from John Dahlback. He's been putting in work for quite some time, producing a large amount of deep, atmospheric tunes, but is rather unknown in a lot of circles. Either way, I rather enjoy this tune, and hope you do too.

Chromeo- Don't Turn the Lights On

Montreal's kings of funk do it again. P-Thugg and Dave1 must have made a deal with the devil on some Robert Johnson shit, because every single thing they touch turns to gold. Their sound is such a perfect jumble of soul, blues, funk, disco and what-have-you, and their popularity is continuing to grow by the second. This is one of their newer songs, that I'd only heard very recently (late pass!), and I must say, they haven't lost their touch. (I think my friends tried to buy weed off of them a few years ago. That didn't go so well.)

I've also included their new video for Don't Turn the Lights On, which I'm rather fond of. These dudes are the maestros of suave, and this hilarious video is a great complement to the song. Again, this is baby makin' music at its finest. (Although those floating eyes are kind of a buzzkill, I'll admit.)



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  1. i just find Sad Mafioso and i like it! nice melody.

    El Dandy del Norte