La Big Familia: Familia Jam vol1 PROMO

La Big Familia is a collective of top-tier producers and DJs from the south of France. They regularly release mixtapes and put together debauchery-filled events all year long.

Today's post features the promotional mix for the first volume of their free compilation series, entitled Familia Jam, which is dropping this Saturday. 10-01-2011 will be a date to mark down on your calendar for sure, as it features 9 brand new original productions & remixes.

My introduction to La Big Familia came from hearing a few tunes from Raziek and Mago on some blog a while ago. After that, I met Laurent, aka Azamat B, also a member of LBF, who did our first Avenge the Virgins mix, and I started to investigate their work a bit further. I must say, these dudes have their fingers directly on the pulse of club music.

While club music (and by club music, I mean the kind of bass-heavy double-time dance music that sounds like frontline artillery) was undoubtedly birthed in inner-city Baltimore, Chicago and their surrounding areas, it has a huge fanbase across the Atlantic. I have been hearing a whole slew of fantastic club hits from producers from France and the UK for years. Baltimore club, juke, and all of the related club sounds all share a common love for classic breaks, 808 claps and snares and monstrous bassy kicks, and it's nice to see this formula incorporated in new ways. The modern wave of tunes, concocted and rinsed by collectives such as La Big Familia, sound familiar yet unquestionably new and refreshing.

La Big Familia is keeping the club torch brightly lit, and from what I've heard of their material so far, they've only just started to make their mark. I've been told that the beach parties they throw are pretty epic, so if you're ever in the South of France, you should definitely scope them out. Anyone who can play a set of Gucci Mane songs mixed with uptempo club anthems is fine by me.

Anyways, enough chatter. Just put this on a good system, or plug in great headphones, and wile out. C'est mortel.

Familia Jam Vol1-Promo Mix by labigfamilia


• Le Med - Kamikaze
• Loose end - Slow Down ( Raggo Flame Remix )
• Raziek - Thong Song
• Mago - Hands on u
• Perfect Hand Crew - I don't mind#Pomplex
• Night Drugs Ft Ankiel's Revenge - Head Wiggle
• Gucci Mane - Big Boy Stuntin ( UM REMIX )
• Freaks Show - Redenption
• Clapper Lark - The Stomp
• Every Dayz - Made in Bengladesh

Don't forget to check out La Big Familia's soundcloud page on Saturday when the compilation drops. You won't regret it.

Promo mix soundcloud page
La Big Familia on soundcloud
La Big Familia on blogger

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