Alright, fuck this hiatus bullshit. I'll dive right back into it. Enough of the excuses.

Long-time readers of the blog, and pretty much anyone with an ear for great music will have heard of today's featured producer.

I met Sinjin Hawke when he first started the now infamous Boomclap parties in Montreal. Since then, he's gotten married and permanently relocated to Barcelona. I'm guessing the beautiful weather has been treating him well, because all of the music he's released since moving has been exceptional. Every time I saw him DJ, he always had a penchant for r&b and juke with a monstrous amount of bass, and his new remixes definitely reflect this. We've featured pretty much every single song he's ever released on Avenge The Virgins, and today I'd like to introduce you to a few of his newer productions. The Cuizinier one in particular is really sick, as the heavy drum fills and throbbing bass fuse together so perfectly.

Cuizinier- Gourmand (Sinjin Hawke remix)

Sinjin Hawke- I'm on One (remix)

Once I heard that Sinjin Hawke would be collaborating with one of my favorite labels, the forward-thinking Pelican Fly, and will be releasing his much-anticipated (and long overdue) first EP, I must admit that I was beyond stoked. If you haven't heard of Sinjin Hawke by some stroke of misfortune, here's your chance. Dude's got a crazy ear for production, is a skilled DJ, and all-around nice guy. Show some support. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Sinjin Hawke is one of the top 10 producers you should keep your eye on in the coming year.

Look Like- Buggin (Sinjin Hawke remix)

Beyonce- Countdown (Sinjin Hawke remix)

See you tomorrow for more incredible music.




  1. These are all so good!

    Also, glad to see you back on the regular posting train.

  2. I'm glad that you dig the tunes. And I'm glad to be back, too. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.