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Nothing too fancy tonight, just a jumble of songs and videos that I've been digging recently. Most have been posted all over the internet, but I'm not one to be a whore to exclusivity.

I've got a few posts coming up this week, including a new mix by Azamat B's collective La Big Familia. Keep your ears and eyes peeled.

Girls- Honey Bunny

I was lucky enough to get to see Girls perform at the Corona Theatre in Little Burgundy this past Sunday, as part of the great Pop Montreal festival. I've been a huge fan since their debut album Album was released, and I've seen their popularity skyrocket since then. People really warm up to their delightfully earnest pop ditties and awkward love songs. If you like drugs and instantly memorable melodies, you're not going to find a better band to match that ambiance. Their new album Father, Son, Holy Ghost, which was released two weeks ago, is definitely worth your time.


Manhattan's A$AP ROCKY is one of the first rappers in a looooooooong-ass time to make me pay attention to New York's hip-hop scene. His southern-influenced swagger is fresh and exciting, and is giving me faith in a scene that has egotistically self-cannibalized itself for the past 10 years. He's been working with San Francisco's Main Attrakionz and LA's spaceghostpurrp, and I must say I'm stoked to hear what will follow. Say what you want to say about the movement, but the based sound is taking over. The new wave of hip-hop producers like Clams Casino, Keyboard Kid, Young L and more, are producing spacey, ethereal masterpieces, and A$AP ROCKY is one of the first rappers to actually have potential to break through. His smooth baritone works well on these beats, and he has made some of my favorite rap videos this year. A$AP will take over in 2011-2012, buh-lieve that.

Coeur de Pirate- Adieu

New CdP! I will always be a fan of Béatrice Martin's sweet pop music. Her new album blonde, will drop in November, and this is the first single. I dig the evolution in style that is quite evident in this tune. Her usual melancholic piano music is getting slightly more upbeat, although the themes haven't changed much. Haters are gonna hate, but I dig it.

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  1. ASAP Rocky is awesome, but if he's the only thing that has made you pay attention to NY Hip-Hop for a while, then I don't know what's up with you. Still, I agree that it is ASAP's year.

  2. I may have been exaggerating that point. I will definitely admit that. NY has a lot of things going for it.