Sinjin Hawke

As promised, here is our feature on Montreal's resident maestro of heavy bass and hedonistic rhythm, the one and only Sinjin Hawke.

Sinjin Hawke is an extremely versatile DJ/producer originally from Toronto, but now #based in Montreal. His material, while unsigned for the moment, is pretty mindblowing. Every single time I've seen him DJ, he's been really solid, and his productions, which we've posted a few of before, are getting exponentially more rad. The quality of the tunes that he's released so far this year make him one of the freshest young producers to keep an eye on in 2011.

Teki Latex of very influential digital label Sound Pellegrino even namedropped him in a recent interview on fellow Montreal blog Duke of Swabia. Big Tings!

Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke - Through The Night by Sinjin Hawke

As of now, all of the songs on his soundcloud are collaborations, either with his girlfriend, Barcelona-based DJ Zora Jones or with Swedish rapper/DJ/producer Marcus Price, but his solo material is just as dope. He's removed a few of his solo productions from his soundcloud, probably saving them for some nefarious purpose.

You can catch Sinjin Hawke almost every friday at Boomclap, a weekly party that he throws at Blue Dog Motel on St-Laurent. Along with his partners-in-crime Azamat B and Markus G, Sinjin Hawke works to bring new and interesting acts to the Montreal scene. Not only does the dude provide serious vibes and validate my point that Montreal is the one of the hubs of amazing forward-thinking electronic music, he's also one of the main players in bringing amazing underground artists to Montreal on a regular basis.

Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones - Sex by Sinjin Hawke

I try to avoid labeling music these days, so I'll avoid putting his productions into a box. However, if you insist, I'd say it fits somewhere between uk garage, r&b, rap, house, juke, dubstep, techno, dancehall and futuristic bass music. Open your ears and the mind will follow. This is soulful dance music with a metric ton of swag, something you could both grind and propose to your girl to, not necessarily in that order.

Twerk it.

Sinjin Hawke & Marcus Price - What About Us by Sinjin Hawke

If you dug the vibes provided this morning, show him some love. This dude got next.


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