Laid Back Sunday #24

Finally had the time & patience to dig the crates, namean. Quite happy with the result. Bunch of unheard goodies for your virgin ears. On with the show.

Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Salaam Remix)
Starting this Sunday with some old school hip-hop by Da Bush Babees. The instrumental on this track is pure crack. Adopting a very futuristic sound considering the fact it was released in 1994. This is the remix version done by a producer named Salaam Remi, also known for producing beats on Nas' albums. This group formed of emcee Babe-B-Face Kaos, Mister Man & Y-Tee all grew up in Jamaica and Trinidad. You will quickly recognize the reggae influence in their style. Back to the basics.

Stik Figa - From The Top (prod. by Dunc and Oddisee)
Stik Figa, from Topeka, Kansas is a true lyricist. The flow on this beat is bananas. Minimalist piano beat produced by Dunc & Oddisee gives this one a lil something that makes me listen to it again & again.

Naledge - Cool Relax (feat. Jay Electronica)
Naledge, one half of well known group "Kidz In The Hall" joined forces with Jay Electronica to come up with this incredibly dope track called "Cool Relax". This is what Laid Back Sunday is all about, acting cool and chill.

Sol.illaquists of Sound - Fittin In
I've talked a lot about Sol.illaquists Of Sound in the past so no need to make this long & boring for no reason. This is the 3rd track I'm posting from them, I think it would be time for you guys to realize their music is fucking amazing. Look it up

Jean P - Pay Attenchun!!
Jean Pierre Johnson aka. Jeán P is a true passionate & poetic emcee. Having a major in creative writing sure helps the cause. Peep his mixtape "My life as Jean".

Since everybody loves a lil visual, decided to end this one with a Neptunes beat featuring Fam-Lay & Lil Flip. Video is dope.

I'm not posting the mp3 for this one since I only found the censored version. Not going to ruin this beautiful post with this censored bullshit.

enjoy your Sunday,


p.s. real recognize real --> let me know what you think about the beats.

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