Man Up & Work

Today's songs are winning. Not as much as the above picture, but still a solid first.

I'd like to start it off today with some killer cocaine tracks. Naturally, I don't want to encourage the use of drugs. So if your currently addicted; blink your eyes and tell your mind to stop abusing. Simple right?

Funny little mashup dating back from 09, weirdly pleasing.

Brigden mentioned this song in a post some time ago. It's still getting a good amount of hype because of the whole unknown artist intrigue. Recent images point towards an upcoming release on Loefah's Swamp'81 label. The mystery artist remains in the dark, but there is now word of a b-side to "Sicko Cell" called "Knock Knock". The choices are narrowing down as to the identity of the artist. Therefore, I'm going with Joy Orbison today.

Ahh and to finish up two more songs: Man Up & Work. That's right, the title wasn't a jab at Sheen, but rather two tremendous tracks I want to share with you. First one is from Breach's Fatherless EP and has some serious style. Next up, we have a newer release by High Powered Boys (Bobmo & Surkin). This one from the Udon/Work EP released on Sound Pellegrino*. "Work" is dope, but the real gem here is "Udon". Think of Drop The Lime's "Sex Sax" turned into softcore porno. Beautiful.

Breach - Man Up (128kbps)

*oh snap a footnote! For those of you in Montreal this weekend, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team will be playing with Jesse Rose at the S.A.T. during the Neon & HighFood Festival.


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