Insomnia is very conducive to creativity. Got a bit of writing done, something I haven't had the chance to do in quite some time. Sometimes a lack of sleep can be a blessing in disguise, I guess.

Enjoy the tunes.

The Shoes- Wastin Time (Tramøllstein remix)

Tramøllstein, formerly known as Echoes, is another young producer out of Reims, France. This is his brand new remix of The Shoes' Wastin Time, and it is impressive. Classic house vibes, modern indie swagger and a fantastic groove. It's progressive, passionate, and almost perfectly subtle at the same time.


Jody Breeze- The Way I Move (big ups to Weird Magic)

I've been on a juke/footwork kick recently, and this Sade refix by Chicago producer Jody Breeze (no, not the rapper) has been on repeat for quite some time. The simplicity of this edit is what tugs at the ol' heartstrings. Sensual, melancholic, but incredibly funky. The machine gun kicks and bass are such a great counterpoint to Sade's vocals and floating melodies. Pure gold.

Cat Power- Back of Your Head

I've only just discovered Chan Marshall's genius, sadly. Late pass.

Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke - Be Without You by Sinjin Hawke

Sinjin Hawke's music is great. I'm working on a feature that will drop mid-week, so I'll save the biographical bullshit that I usually do for later. All you really need to know is that dude's recent material is phenomenal, and he is one of the brightest rising stars in the already amazing Montreal scene. This is an older tune that he co-produced with his girlfriend(I think) Zora Jones. Be Without You is both fierce, sexy and undeniably dope.

à plus tard, les amis


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