Stay Nasty

Seems like it's time today for my once a week post. I seriously have no idea what miserable state the blog would be in right now if Calibar and Mr. MDMA weren't at their best.

Tonight in Montreal you'll be able to find Dirty Nasty at Club Entourage. Should be somewhat amusing if I find myself some people to hit it with.

Dirt Nasty - 1980
First thing I ever heard of Dirt Nasty from back in the good days. Having lived a decent 22 days in the 80s, I can totally relate to this song. From what I can tell the 80s was pretty much all about cocaine, gold chains, more cocaine and chilling with Alf. Pretty boss if you ask me.

Mickey Avalon Ft. Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy - My Dick
If you haven't heard this song, you probably haven't seen Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, and probably have no fun in your life. So sorry. This song is somewhat like "What's the Difference Between Me and You", but all about dicks... no homo

Pittsburgh Slim Ft. Dirt Nasty & Rare Formula - Popular With the Ladies
More whiteboys rapping about nonsense. Pretty much jokes, but I find it entertaining like the rest of his stuff. Sampling Calving Harris' "Acceptable in the 80s" creates a nice groove. Oh and can I add recurring theme? It's really all about the 80s baby.


Atlantic Conveyor - Nasty Things  
Sticking to today's theme, this song needs exposure!

Stay Nasty


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  1. My Dick is the best song from a soundtrack ever
    Don't argue.