Laid Back Sunday #25

Been some time since the last Laid Back Sunday, my bad. Don't worry, with summer around the corner we'll be on our A game. Tons of future projects in the making, including a brand new website ! WOOO

As for today's music, you know the deal, bunch of hip hop joints for you to chill zze fuck down. Sorry but I don't feel the need to describe the tunes posted today. They all deserve your attention & time. Have a great evening.

D-Tension - Pretty Little Whores feat. Vinnie Paz & Outerspace
Daa Bush Babes - S.O.S feat. Mos Def
Heltah Skeltah - Rock The World
The Firm - Phone Tap
Elephant Man - Five O (Remix) feat. Wyclef Jean

Video for The Firm - Phone Tap, very dope.

see you next time,


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