Studying for finals, overtime at work, excessive partying. You've all heard these excuses before as to why we don't post as much these days, but it's true. Life gets in the way, but hey, at least we always provide that crack!

Todays's post has been a very long time coming, and I'm glad to be finally able to have a bit of time to devote to it. This morning, I'd like to shine the spotlight on a producer who is no stranger to Avenge The Virgins, the very talented Bombé.

Bombé- Rumba Rustla

Our first post on Bombé was back in November, when we introduced you to his dark rave anthem Brighton. Since then, I've tried to include a Bombé remix or original every month. His productions are always very percussive and a wee-bit heavy on the low-end frequencies, which is definitely a winning combination (no Sheen-o) in my eyes. His songs, while not always the most club-ready bass tunes ever, all share an extremely haunting atmospheric backdrop. Corny as it may sound, his productions are the very definition of epic. This is knife-fight music on steroids, with a healthy dose of chaotic drum programming thrown in for good measure.

Bombé- Solomon's Son
Dipset- Salute (Bombé bootleg)

If you consider the high quality of his remixes & re-edits, and the unique sound he pushes, it is surprising to me that this Philly powerhouse does not have more of a following than he does already. He also produces slightly housier fare as Kid Queasy, but he's told me that he is devoting as much to the Bombé project as possible, in order to refine his wildly unique sound. His mastery of kicks, snares, toms and other percussion is oftentimes dizzying. This is really rad electronic music that you can both skank out to in a club, and listen to on your soundsystem at home and not get bored of. Call it futuristic garage, tropical bass or whatever you'd like, it doesn't change the fact that this dude's a production wizard.

Dexplicit- Bullacake (Bombé remix)

Bombé has also released a free 3-track EP recently, the majestic three-part Ivy Castle EP. I'm going to avoid the medieval metaphors, 'cause that'd be pretty lame, but it remains that this is an extremely solid debut EP. He's definitely going for a darker, grimier sound, but it is sounding a lot more focused than his earlier material. You'd definitely be missing out if you let this insane EP pass you by.

Bombé- Ivy Castle Pt 1
Bombé- Ivy Castle Pt 2
Bombé- Ivy Castle Pt 3

Bombé is not only one the coolest cats that we've had the pleasure of corresponding with, he's also a talented-as-fuck producer. If you've enjoyed the virtual cornucopia of crazy shit contained herein, please show this dude some love.


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