Bombé- Brighton

This Bombé cat sent over this track a few days ago, and it has been on steady rotation ever since. This is an extremely rad slice of tropical bass, and I can hear a bit of UK influence in the marching-band percussion steez. This sounds like it should be played a dark and dank London basement club, with only a strobe light offering a glimpse of the legions of pupil-popped ravers grinding and two-stepping til dawn. This embodies everything I like about tropical bass. I had never heard of Bombé prior to this, but you can believe that I'll be keeping an eye out for his productions in the future. High quality tune.

Serj Tankian- Disowned (V Remix)

Remember that Seventeen Veins group from Montreal that we posted about several months back? Well, we've just received an e-mail from one half of the talented local group, and it seems that they haven't lost their touch. Admittedly, I had not checked out their soundcloud in a minute, but this is a damn good remix. Serj Tankian, from what I remember, is the vocalist from nu-metal band System of a Down, which would normally be a bad thing, but I've always thought that his voice was really unique and dope, so I can definitely appreciate this remix. The name of the producer who made this brutal piece of minimal, horror-show house is V, which I believe stands for Vengeance. Either way, using what sounds like a woman's aroused screams as the backing beat for a dark and grimy sounding tune is a nice touch, I must admit. Ghastly, distorted, and amazing. I wonder what else this V has in store for us.

01-girl unit-wut-def by MDMAwesome

<3 Night Slugs.

I've been listening to a lot of dark UK bass music these days, and WUT is definitely one of the tunes that I've been obsessed with. I think L-Vis 1990 played this at Velvet last friday, and it definitely set the place on fire. Of course, I was off my face, but still. What a massive tune, seriously. So atmospheric, sensual and powerful. Girl Unit really hit the nail on the head with this one, in my opinion. This is the type of bass/house music that gets you in the chest, and you are forced to groove to it. WUT is one of those eyes-closed, hands in the air, proper future bass sounds. Get with it. An inescapable subwoofer destroying masterpiece, as it were.

And on the off chance that you have not seen it yet, I've included the mighty Dada Life's new video for Unleash the Fucking Dada. It's a massive banger that you should definitely seek out. Personally, I've got a soft spot for those kind of innocent looking hipstery dames, so that's probably why I included it. I mean, the tune's amazing, but again, I dig the slightly unhinged hipster girl. Boom.

See you tomorrow for yet another edition of Laid Back Sundays, with our good friend Calibaba.

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