Rain, rain, go away. Come again, another day.

A few tunes to go with this depressing day. A grey, dreary monday, as it were. Not to say that these tunes are dreary, they just seem to fit well with the present weather.

These are future sounds. One amazing new N*E*R*D track, one soon-to-be-released behemoth of a tune, and one amazing sonic journey which is co-produced by Burial.

N*E*R*D- Inside of Clouds (Props to Truants for this)

Braiden - The Alps - Broadcast on the Mary Anne Hobbs show by braiden

01-jamie woon - night air by MDMAwesome

à demain, les amis.



  1. You do know there is a track with Tyler the Creator spitting over that NERD track right?

  2. Hell yeah. Was going to post it a bit later. Thanks for the tip anyways, man.

  3. Word just making sure. Love the blog man!