Welcome To The Jungle

All due respect to SHAG for this painting.

A lot of hip hop has been going down during the past week. Nevertheless, I will try my best to provide you with the theme music for the ongoing party in my mind.

From time to time, I become conscious that my musical taste swerves off in a completely unexpected direction. While going through my songs from recent months, I have come to the realization that I'm a real sucker for that tribal house with a peculiar choice of instruments and unusual speaking/chanting/preaching.

Breach - Fatherless 
Heard this in a mix like most songs I find. The simple repetitive "fatherless" call is swag, you can hear the tribal influence in the drums, and the flute is simply entrancing. Grab the high quality, the remix and the other original on Beatport.

Daniel Klauser - Kunene (Original Mix)
Oh those tribal drums, they're so enthralling. The chanting gives me the impression I'm in the middle of some African tribe's ceremony. If this was actually the case, I would not doubt be going buck wild.

Format:B Gospel
If you have been wondering what I meant by "preaching", this should make everything much clearer. Can't get enough of this, so refreshing, uncommon, and soulful. It has recently been released and Brodinski has already featured it in a mix he did for Fool's Gold. Check out the Foolcast and grab the EP for the 320 version and the Super Flu's Antichrist Remix on Beatport.

A while back I posted a clip to a song A-Trak played while in Montreal. Still haven't been able to find the exact edit he busted, but here's the original sample. If anyone knows more about this hit us up in the comments!

La Flavour - Mandolay


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  1. Hey there, I know this is late but I am pretty sure this is the Duck Sauce remix of Mandolay, which is still unreleased. Busy P played it recently at his DJ set at Lollapalooza. I cannot wait for this to be released!