off the hook

There seems to be a correlation between the quality of the posts on saturdays and how much alcohol I consume on friday night. Today, there won't be any elaborate descriptions, so you're going to have to let your ears be the judge. I mixed in some progressive rock, some activist rap, some great electronic pop and some mindfuckingly crazy glitchy spooky-house. Pick and choose as you wish.

(Monthly reminder: To download the songs that we post, simply right click, then save link as)

Dupont Menage- Holy Cow
M83- Don't Save us from the flames
Steely Dan- Haitian Divorce
Lazer Sword- Batman (Nguzunguzu remix)

See you tomorrow for another edition of Laid-Back Sundays with Calibar.



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  1. haha i believe it's a negative correlation. i wouldn't of been able to do this much myself.