Laid Back Sunday #4

Credits goes to Pierre Doucin for the artwork

Back on my biznizz, introducing edition number 4 of this wonderful series. Hopefully you'll dig today's post, I personally think there's some good gems here. Let's do this.

Sol - So Damn High
1st off with the youngster of the bunch. This guy named Sol is only 21 years old but you should absolutely not underestimate his emcee skills. Considering his young age he has been producing a shitload of material. You can clearly hear the difference between his most recent EP called Dear Friends Vol. II and Vol I which can only mean he's progressing very quickly. Keep an eye out for this dude, an upcoming talent for sure. He recently released an LP called The Ride, didn't have the chance to give it a listen yet but will sure do and you should too. I'm so damn high

Busta Rhymes x J Dilla - Takin What's Mine
We've been talking, talking & talking again & again about Mick Boogie. There might be a reason to all of that bablin'. This dude is too sick at remixing songs. The track featured here is off a legendary mixtape he released a couple years back. He took some classic and some underground J.Dilla(R.I.P) beats and decided to mix the shit out of it with Busta Rhymes over it. The result = priceless. Check it out, the mixtape is called DILLAGENCE. Plus, its "legally" free to download. Ha !

MAYDAY - Groundhog Day (feat. Cee-lo, Mack Maine & Ghostwridah) (Movers n' Shakers remix)
Last but not least, a remix by Movers n' Shakers of a 2008 single that was originally produced by MAYDAY. It features our beloved Cee-lo, Mack Maine (Young Money) and Ghostwridah. Very cool track, gets you quite pumped.

see you next time



  1. Hmmm... IMO freshest of the youngins by far is Blu!!!!

  2. Blu is really good, his style is a bit different then Sol but also take note that Blu is 27 years old... So that gives 6 more years to Sol to develop his own style and get better. Just sayin... 6 years is a lot considering what this dude has done in the past years.

  3. Guess I'm kickin' rocks because this may be the worst song I have heard in months.

  4. I guess this dude was too damn high, these tracks are straight fire

  5. wow would love to have some suggestions of yours if you consider this "the worst song" or even some explanations why you hate it that bad. You must listen to some of the best music there is out there (sarcasm)

  6. I've seen Sol a few times live, and I must say, he is definitely building momentum with his music. He is pretty cool in person as well.

  7. Sol sounds like Pauly D from Jersey Shore if he started a rap career.

  8. Kickin' rocks here...

    Don't get me wrong, the beat is pretty good but the lyrics are so damn wack. Not only stupid sounding but no real flow through a good deal of it. Kid Cudi - Mojo So Dope is 100x better than this trash. More rappers need to go back and listen to Eric B & Rakim to understand how to write lyrically sound music.