Get him To The Greek.

It doesn't always have to be about music, especially on a saturday afternoon when everyone is getting over/preparing for some partying. Just felt like doing a quick update. Had fun yesterday posting random stuff to facebook, check it.

Today's post is about, in my humble opinion, the most hilarious movie out there: Get Him To The Greek. Jonah Hill (right guy in the picture above) plays the role of an intern at a record company run by "Sergio" (who knew P. Diddy could actually be funny in a movie). He gets to live his dream when he is offered the job of going to pick up a famous rockstar, "Aldous Snow" played by Russel Brand (left guy in above pic), and getting him back to the Greek Theatre for a concert.

The movie is genius, full of drugs (just like we like it over at AtV), and kept me laughing pretty much the whole hour and forty five minutes. The jogging scene is without any doubt a "high" point in this movie

Oh and since we are a music blog enjoy these songs from the soundtrack!

Infant Sorrow - Gang of Lust
Infant Sorrow - Fuck Your Shit Up
Infant Sorrow - Furry Walls
These songs really aren't bad at all. They also bring up some good memories about the Jeffrey, just stroke the furry walls.

Jackie Q Ft. Infant Sorrow - Supertight
Jackie Q - Ring 'Round
We could say that these songs are making fun of the gratuitously vulgar and near pornographic content of mainstream female artists.

Chocolate Daddy - Chocolate Daddy
For those of you who have been wandering who this Chocolate Daddy is and why he only sold 15 thousand units. Please understand how proud I am of every unit. Panic Attack.

Enough nonsense for a saturday, Byneford.

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