Laid Back Sunday #5

Bonjourno, here I am with Laid Back Sunday #5. Once again this post will be featuring some good laid back hip hop that you might have been sleeping on. Let the show begin.

Wale - Nike Boots
1st off with a classic. This is considered one of the first major single from Wale and in my opinion one of his best too. I also really dig the writing font they created for the single's cover. The "spacy" instrumental fits right in with Wale's buttery flow.

Living Legends - She Wants Me
I've talked a bit about the Living Legends crew in the past. This crew is composed of heavy lyricist such as : Sunspot Jonz, Bicasso, Aesop, Murs, Eligh, The Grouch, Luckyiam, Arata & Scarub. The track here called "She Wants Me" has a cool 8bit piano sampled instrumental and the crew delivers perfectly over it. The video is quite good also.

David Banner - Fakin' Azz Hoes ft. The Dogg Pound
I first heard this song off an old David Banner mixtape and immediately got hooked. It got released on the DPG's album right after which is a good thing. Crunk beat.

have a good day


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