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I haven't updated in a whole week, which is something that hasn't happened in a bloody long time. My apologies. To win back your favor, I'm going to dump a metric ton of music and videos on your sorry asses. Enjoy.

BSBTRGDCLUB- Ancient Tropic (Dooze Jackers remix)

Ah, Montreal love. Dooze Jackers sent this new remix of electro producers BSBTRGDCLUB's tune Ancient Tropic over to us, and we just had to share it with you. Dooze Jackers' high-octane hybrid of dutch house and tropical bass madness is getting them a lot of attention these days, and as long-time supporters, we're extremely stoked. This tune is somewhat rhythmically disjointed (and I mean that in a good way), but packs just enough heat to be qualified as a banger.

Darren Henlon- Punk's Not Dead

Punk's not dead...she's just gone to bed.

Awkward Australian indie folk for the win.

Ramadanman- Glut

I'm not even sure that you can still qualify this as dubstep. This is dance music with so much bass that it literally makes the ground tremble. Ramadanman is a huge force in the UK bass music scene, and all of his productions are top-notch. A-Trak even dropped one of his tunes on Sunday, and it was probably the most bass-heavy track of the whole evening.

And now on to the videos:

First of all, I've posted the brand new Die Antwoord video, Evil Boy. Not much to say here, honestly. The tune was produced by Diplo, and the video, well, was obviously directed by somebody with a mild case of psychosis.

Graffiti never gets talked about enough in hip-hop, which is surprising, considering how much hip-hop culture has co-opted its style and used it for its own gain. Dope rhymes, laid-back beat and nice footage of random bombing.

And finally, I'm going to bring back one of my favorite videos from last year, a one-take shot video by a bunch of college musicians for their final project. Refreshing sounds, decent lyrics and a fun video. What more do you want?

Nyle- Let the Beat Build



  1. isnt ramandanman somewhat juke/footstep? w/e fuck categorizing. good music is good music.

  2. You know, you're absolutely right. No clue where I got the dubstep thing from, I think I read it on a random blog once. But yeah, categorizing is bull.